Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shock as estranged wife reappeared from the blues after 2 years of separation !!!

A MUTARE man received the shock of his life recently after his estranged wife reappeared from the blues after two years of separation claiming $300 maintenance from him.

Agnes Mutambaweshiri appeared at Mutare Civil Courts applying for $300 per month for her own maintenance from Charles Chibvongodze.

In her affidavit, she stated that she wanted to use the money to buy groceries, pay medical, water and electricity bills, transport and rent, among other things.

The estranged couple was married in a civil union in 1984 and was blessed with two children who are now majors before differences got the better of them in October 2011.

Agnes allegedly went away with all their matrimonial property, leaving Chibvongodze literally destitute.

Chibvongodze in his affidavit stated that Agnes had been “constantly and persistently undermining my authority as the head of the family” to the extent that the parties were no longer “having any spark of love towards each other”.

He claimed that Agnes had been a bad influence to their two children and were taking “sides in the matter involving their parents”.

“On October 31 2011, the respondent decided to desert our matrimonial home. The respondent took all property in the house including kitchen utensils without my consent.

“The goods were forcibly taken from me. Respondent collected the goods in the company of my two children and another person who is not known to me and serious threats were being made against me.

“Respondent and those that were with her loaded the goods into a truck while threatening to assault me, making threats of harm using undisclosed means, scolding me that I was not man enough and all unimaginable utterances were being the order of the day. Fearing for my life I left the respondent to do as she pleased,” said Chibvongodze.

He told The Weekender that he was no longer willing to have Agnes as his wife again because he had suffered enough.

“We have been receiving counselling from the police at Chikanga to no avail,” he said.

The court case was postponed to a later date.

Source: Manica Post

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