Thursday, March 13, 2014

Married woman cheats with a policeman !!!

Roseline Matinha
A Chitungwiza man is heart broken after his wife of four years ditched him for a married policeman.

Charles Chakaduka got the shock of his life after discovering intimate photographs of his wife Roseline Matinha (PICTURED), a flea market trader at Makoni Shopping centre and his lover identified as Tinomudaishe Shumba, a cop stationed at Chitungwiza Police Station.

To add salt to injury, Roseline had told Charles that Tinomudaishe was her uncle after she saved his picture as her WhatsApp profile photo. The policeman said he once dated Roseline but broke up with her after he discovered that she was a married woman.

Roseline, however, denied the claims, saying she is just a close friend of Tinomudaishe who knows all her "secrets" and supposedly 'secret parts' as well. The woman said she has been bleeding for the past six months, which makes it impossible for her to have s*x with any man, she claims.

Reports are that Roseline moved out of Charles' house allegedly to move in with the cop. The cheated man said he had been hearing it from the grapevine untilWednesday when he chatted with the policeman on the phone.

"I have been hearing rumours that my wife was having an affair . last week she did not sleep at home saying she was at her sister's place. I called her sister but she said Rose was not there. She came home the following morning and we clashed over where she had slept. She had been bleeding for six months and I queried the rare type of 'illness' and suspected that she might have been 'sorted' using juju (runyoka)," said Charles (PICTURED).
"She then left home saying she no longer loved me. I called her father who suggested that we visit her grandmother but she would not take any of it," he added.

Charles eventually managed to get the phone number of Tinomudaishe's wife who then promised to give him photos of Roseline and Tinomudaishe being intimate.

"She (the cop's wife) started crying on the phone and said she had a memory card with photos of the two and I went and met her. I was given the memory card with all the photos," he said.

The memory card contained some nude pictures of people in s*xual activity.

Shumba's wife identified as Tinotenda Langton, confirmed the illicit affair saying her husband is no longer coming home.

"My husband is not coming home everyday and I heard that he is staying with Rose in Chitungwiza. I am pregnant but he is no longer taking care of me. He is a police officer stationed at Chitungwiza Police Station. I discovered that he is cheating on me when I saw his photos with that woman (Rose). I then saw their WhatsApp conversation and later phoned Rose and she said she was my husband's other wife. In some of the photos they are both naked," she said.

Shumba was furious when he heard that this publication was now aware of his shenanigans. He denied that he is a policeman and claimed to be a hwindi (tout) and a Makoni rank, despite his wife's confirmation. If indeed he is not a policeman then he would be in trouble for masquerading as a police officer. He also denied being Tinotenda's husband.

"Uya uya haasi kmukadzi wangu, munhu wandakangomitisawo zvangu," he said.

Rose blasted her husband for being poor.

"Haana kana chaanacho. (He is so poor). he did not even pay lobola. He was just bothering me," said Rose.

Source: MyZimbabwe

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