Monday, February 10, 2014

'Sugar mummy' beat the hell out of her youthful boyfriend when she caught him red-handed trying to share his "sausage" with another lover

Mai Rari
A JEALOUS Bulawayo woman clobbered her youthful boyfriend and his alleged lover in full glare of members of the public yesterday after she found the two in her car.Witnesses said the woman, only identified as Mai Rari, could not stand the sight of her boyfriend named Million with another woman in her Isuzu single cab.
She immediately pounced on the two love birds when Million parked the vehicle outside her shop along 10th Avenue between Fort Street and Herbert Chitepo Street.
“She assaulted the two with fists and open hands accusing Million of cheating on her,” said a witness. “Members of the public had to intervene and restrain her after she overpowered the couple.”
Another witness Daniel Madega said the possessive Mai Rari went berserk when she saw Million driving her car with another lady.
“She accused him of cheating and demanded answers as to what the other woman was doing in her car. She beat up the woman and threw her groceries out,” he said.
When a Chronicle news crew rushed to the scene around midday, the couple had been whisked to Bulawayo Central Police Station.
The news crew later caught up with Mai Rari and Million at the shop  while still arguing over the issue.
Mai Rari, who looked years older than her “youthful husband” was heard demanding answers from him.
“I’m working hard to provide you everything and you are wasting my money on your girlfriends, buying them groceries.  Let’s close this shop now and look for your girlfriend because the issue is not over yet,” she threatened.
Million tried to calm her down while busy serving customers but she kept shouting. Mai Rari turned hostile and charged at this reporter as she refused to comment on the matter.
“What do you want? Get out of my office I will beat you up. There is nothing we are going to tell you. Ndokutema nematombo (I will hit you with stones),” she said.
The news crew could not speak to Million who remained indoors and watched from a distance. The alleged lover could not be traced while police could not comment on the issue.
Source: Herald

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