Monday, February 3, 2014

Shock as woman lifts skirt exposing her "honey jar" & demands oral S*X from hubby while son watches

A Harare man yesterday left the court astounded when he said his wife was in the habit of lifting her skirt and exposing her private parts in the presence of her 14-year-old stepson.

Gibson Maronga said this at the Harare Civil Courts where he was seeking a protection order against his wife, Audrey Mumire.
“At one time, she placed her leg on top of a chair and lifted her skirt in the presence of my 14-year-old child,” he said.
He said she demanded oral s*x from her husband and when her stepson asked why she was acting that way, she threw a brick at him.
“She is getting bad influence from her sister who is a police officer and has threatened to poison my children from my first marriage,” said Maronga.
He said his wife visited traditional and faith healers and he was now afraid of eating what she cooks so he had resorted to dining at a nearby township.
Mumire denied the allegations and said Maronga was living with his traditional healer girlfriend in Highfield.
“I go to an apostolic church and he is the one who brings herbs which he sprinkles in the house and on my clothes.
“He urinates in the whole house and on the verandah, which is an instruction from his traditional healer girlfriend.
“His children hate me and they accuse me of being a home-wrecker. I want him to maintain his child, repay me for the food that I buy with my money and return my birth certificate,” she said.
Mumire told the court that Maronga threw away the food she cooked.
Magistrate Ms Rekinah Dzikiti postponed the matter to today for ruling.
Source: herald

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