Friday, February 7, 2014

Senior Pastor in trouble for "bonking" a congregant's wife

A SENIOR pastor with the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe in Masvingo, Reverend Menard Zvenyika, is facing a $10,000 lawsuit from a congregant who is accusing him of engaging in an adulterous s*xual relationship with his wife. 

The woman was employed as a housemaid at the pastor's house for about five years. Rev Zvenyika of Pamushana High School pleaded not guilty to committing adultery with the married woman when he appeared before Masvingo magistrate Sibonginkosi Mkandla at the Civil Court yesterday.

According to the Chronicle, Chezhira Mukobvu and Rosemary Nyamukachi, 35, have been customarily married for the past 17 years.

Mkandla heard how in 1998, Zvenyika employed Nyamukachi as a housemaid, staying with her at his house.

The two lovebirds would engage in s*x romps in Zvenyika's bedroom, in the field, lodges and in his office, the court heard.

Nyamukachi unashamedly confessed to Mukobvu about her philandering activities with the pastor between December 2007 and August 2012.

Nyamukachi told her husband that she had s*x with Zvenyika on several occasions during the subsistence of their adulterous affair.

The court heard that when Mukobvu discovered the illicit affair, Nyamukachi allegedly deserted their matrimonial homestead near Pamushana High School and relocated to Harare leaving behind her husband and children.

Mukobvu told the court that since he discovered the affair, he lost love for his wife.

The court heard that Mukobvu has not been enjoying conjugal rights from his estranged wife since 2007 when he discovered the pair's adulterous affair.
The adulterous damages claimed include a loss of consortium and contumelia.

The case was postponed to February 28, 2014. 

Source: Chronicle

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