Monday, February 10, 2014

Pastor cheated with a married woman & infected her with an STD !!!

Ennah Mukwena
A pastor with Christ Embassy Church in Mutare is alleged to have cheated with a married woman, Ennah Mukwena before allegedly infecting her with a s*xually transmitted disease which she in turn passed on to her husband Fungai Mukwena (32).

The pastor's wife told him that the pastor was having an affair an affair with his wife.

"In mid-November, I was invited on Facebook by the church leader's wife. She sent me a message saying my wife was in love with her husband.

"She said they had fought in the church leader's office. My wife's phone was broken and the marriage ring was taken by the church leader's wife.

"I was in Johannesburg when this was happening . . . My wife admitted that it was true that she was in love with the church leader," he said.

After fighting for the pastor in the church office, the pastor's wife reportedly agreed to visit Fungai's place of residence and apologise.

It is also reported that the Pastor and Fungai's wife were once lovers before Fungai and Ennah got married.

When reached for comment, the Christ Embassy pastor also confirmed that he was madly in love with Ennah before she got married.

"Before they got married she was my girlfriend. Kana makambodanana hamutadzi kuita mafriends (ex-lovers will always be friends). We usually communicate when doing business since I am a businessman and work for myself. I do not know where the grudge is coming from. I realised that she was double crossing us before I left her," he said.

However the pastor claimed that he was not cheating with Ennah.

"She is just a friend. We are not lovers. I respect her as a married woman. I advised him to go to the courts and sue me if he has any evidence and I am waiting for that. We will meet in court," he added.
Fungai said his seven-year marriage with Ennah has irretrievably broken down and he has since lost all the love he had for her.

"My love for her is dead. I can't think twice on this. This is clear betrayal. I sent Ennah to Midlands State University in 2006 and I contributed immensely to who she is now," he said. 

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