Saturday, February 8, 2014

"I enjoy the prophet's big "banana" & he bonks me better than my hubby," says a married woman from Budiriro

Madzibaba Regiments and George Gutsa
Madzibaba Regiments and George Gutsa
A Budiriro man is bitter after a self-styled prophet wrecked his 18 year-old marriage by disappearing with his wife.George Gutsa of Gutsa Village in Nyava, Musana revealed that the prophet, only identified as Madzibaba Regiments, disappeared with his wife Esther Chanana six months ago only to find them in Mahusekwa.
Gutsa and Esther have been married for the past 18 years and are blessed with three children, the union which is now in shambles because of the man of cloth. Esther admitted to leaving Gutsa saying it was due to lack of ‘fire’ between the sheets.
She said she has moved on and Madzibaba Regiments was gratifying her s*xual appetite which had been lacking under Gutsa’s roof.
Gutsa said he got a tip off from his uncle in the Mahusekwa communal lands that his wife was staying with the alleged prophet before getting to their residence.
“This guy was a prophet operating in our area. He was like a child to us and we would help him, looking after him. Six months ago he disappeared with my wife and my last born child.
“I did not know where they had gone to only to be told by my uncle who stays in Mahusekwa that he had seen them,” he said.
Gutsa said he secretly got to the place much to the surprise of Esther who broke into tears upon seeing him.
“I was shown their place of residence and I went there. I found her at home and she started crying,” said Gutsa.
“I told her that I had not gone there for violence but to get my child. I cannot have my child being looked after by another man,” he said.
Gutsa further revealed that the prophet nearly fainted before he attempted to escape.
“Esther told me that the prophet was not around but he suddenly appeared. He was shocked to see me and tried to escape but my brother and I managed to apprehend him. We told him we were not there for violence but to understand why he had done such things.
“He could not say anything, presumable out of shame,” he said.
Esther confirmed the development to H-Metro.
“Ahh iwe murume anombosiirwei kana achiziva zvaanoita. Haana zvaaiita,” she said before endorsing Madzibaba Regiments as the new ‘service provider’.
She said Gutsa was free to come and visit his child.
“I left him with the other children and I have the last born. He is free to come and visit, handingamurambidze kuzoona mwana,” she said.
“He was here and there was no violence,” she said.
H-Metro could not get a comment from the said prophet as he was reported to be away from home. H Metro

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