Friday, February 7, 2014

Nyanga wife caught red-handed cheating with a married man !!!

IN a classic act of infidelity, a cheating Nyanga woman lied to her husband and relatives that she was travelling to Musina, South Africa, on a business trip only to be caught stark naked having quality time with a married man in the Garikai section of Mutare last Wednesday.

In what was going to be a cumbersome scoop for script writers, gossip mongers and movie-makers, particularly Nollywood movies, the two sinners — Portia Mutare (26) and Lovejoy Mupara, who is a member of the African Apostolic Church (Church YaMwazha) — had to hastily put on their clothes after Portia’s father-in-law, Willard Mudhere (56), came all the way from Nyamaropa in Nyanga to “disturb” them.

Although he was ambushed in the act, Mupara had to find time to pin his church’s trademark collar baton before opening the door to face the “intruder”.

Mudhere took the two by surprise when he arrived at Mupara’s lodgings at Number 9948 unannounced around 7am.

According to Mudhere, a prophet in a pentecostal church in Nyanga had revealed to him about his daughter-in-law’s shenanigans and he decided to embark on the long journey to Mutare to prove the divination. True to the prophecy, Portia was getting intimate with her lover, not the so-called business trip across the mighty Limpopo River.

Within minutes, neighbours and residents had swarmed the house to catch a glimpse of the lovebirds in their love nest.

Inside the room were Portia, Lovejoy, Mudhere and Portia’s husband’s younger brother. While the quartet remained locked in the room possibly devising a way forward, restless residents demanded that the door be opened.

The Weekender was initially denied access to the love-birds, but Lovejoy’s father, whose name could not be established, came and demanded access to the humiliated duo. He gladly invited the news crew inside for an “exclusive” chat.

The egg-faced Lovejoy was seated on his bed looking confused, while Portia was seated on the edge of Lovejoy’s bed covering her face in shame.

“I am guilty. I am ashamed. Ndabvuma mhosva, so don’t ask me anything further,” said Portia.

Lovejoy, whose wife was believed to be in the rural areas when the incident happened, refused to comment. His father was breathing fire.

He labelled him a disgrace to the church and the family.

“Zvinonyadzisa izvi. You are a disgrace,” he said, before turning to The Weekender crew.

“Don’t ask me anything and don’t take photos. Don’t write that my son is from our church. He is not part of us,” he said.

Portia’s father-in-law, Willard, said the prophet saw her cheating in a vision. “We came to Mutare yesterday and slept at a relative’s house after one of the prophets in our church prophesied that Portia was cheating on her husband.

“He said people continue cheating yet they (prophets) are preaching day and night about infidelity. I took my son with me intending to prove what he had said. She left home yesterday (Tuesday), saying she was going to South Africa to acquire goods for resale, only to find her here having a good time with this man. I am still in a state of shock.

“I knocked and pushed the door and they could not believe seeing me,” said Willard.

According to neighbours privy to the adulterous relationship, Lovejoy and Portia had been an item for several months.

“We are glad they have been caught. They would always come during the night and spend days together. We knew about this, but we could not do anything about it. Vanhu ava vakabvira kare.

“She would always come. Lovejoy sent his wife to their rural areas because of this woman. We feel sorry for this woman’s husband.

“We wonder if Musina is now in Garikai. This is a disgrace to womanhood,” said a neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Another neighbour chipped in: “The two should be ashamed of their adulterous affair. Lodges in town are now cheap, but people choose to display their prostitution to the whole world like this.

“Lovejoy is a driver who plies the Nyanga route and probably they met in the kombi,” said another neighbour.

While the two were taken to Chikanga Police Station, Portia’s hubby as well as Lovejoy’s wife were unaware of what had transpired.

Source: Manica Post

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