Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wife shocked after she saw n*ked pictures of her hubby having S*X with their maid

Bare pictures of a domestic worker and her employer sold out a relationship between the two leading to the collapse of a four-year-old marriage.

The marriage between Energy Mukungurwa and Edith Rupanga is now beyond repair after Edith found Energy and Pelagia Gumbo's pictures in the former's phone. The two took pictures of themselves while undressed at a city lodge.

But their secret did not last. Energy could not help but elevate Pelagia to the employer's role. Edith said although she suspected that the two were cheating, she had no proof so she couldn't confront them.

"I first saw a Whatsapp message in Pelagia's phone which was coming from my husband who was asking her about a picture she had promised to send him.

"Message yacho yanga yakanzi ko wakazodii ne picture (umbiko wakhona ubuthi kanti wathini ngomfanekiso) and I had a feeling that he wanted her to send him picture asina kupfeka (ekagqokanga). For two months I could only suspect that something was going on," she said.

Edith said before Christmas she then found a disrobed picture of Pelagia in her husband's phone and another picture of the two while half undressed.

"Ndakazowanikidza picture yavo vari vaviri vakashama zvairatidza kuti vanga varara vese (ngathola umfanekiso wabo bengqunu okwakutshengisa ukuthi babesecansini bonke). I asked my husband about it and he was so jumpy and didn't want to talk about it. He has since moved out of the house and has now blocked all my phones.

"I fired the maid instantly and I don't know where she is, I know we were having problems with my husband but I never knew that he would go as far as sleeping with the domestic worker," she said.

Energy who didn't deny that he slept with the domestic worker when asked by this reporter then went on to ask what wrong he had committed by sleeping with the woman.

"Ehe Pelagia ndomuziva. Mhosva yangu saka apa ndeyeyi kana ndakarara naye (Yebo uPelagia ngiyamazi, icala lami ngelani ma ngalala laye)?" he responded.

Pelagia, however, said she regretted everything that had happened as she said that she feared that she might not be employed anywhere if the story was to be published.

"We slept together once at some lodge in town. I don't know the place. It only happened once and I regret whatever happened.

"I don't know what really got into me because I have a boyfriend and this man doesn't phone me anymore ever since he slept with me. Please don't publish that story, nobody would want to employ me," she pleaded.

Pelagia also conceded that Energy was the one who had hired her although the wife didn't know.

"He is the one who hired me semunhu anga agara achindida asi mai vanga vasingazvizvi vaifunga kuti ndakatsvagwa neshamwari yavo. Asi ndakangorara navo kamwechete, ndapota nyaya iyi musainyora (njengomuntu owayengithanda kodwa umkakhe wayengazi wayecabangela ukuthi ngaqatshwa ngumngane wakhe. Kodwa ngalala laye kanye kuphela, ngiyacela lingabhali ngodaba lolu)," she pleaded. 

Source: H-Metro

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