Thursday, January 30, 2014

University Student f*cked 2 hookers in a church

A UNIVERSITY student who romped with two hookers in a church got swift punishment from God after the two women robbed him of a laptop.Gumbodete Prosper Tendekai used the Anglican Church in Bulawayo’s Riverside suburb as a love nest.
The National University of Science and Technology (Nust) student invited the two hookers and a mate for a foursome, a court heard.
But Tendekai’s s*x fest turned sour when the two ladies of the night seized his HP630 laptop and sold it for $100 after he failed to pay them.
Tendekai saw the two women days later at Waverly Night Club and called the police. Truedy Mpofu, 22, and Viola Vanessa Chikore, 19, both from Mpopoma, pleaded guilty to theft when they appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove yesterday.
Mushove sentenced the duo to six months in prison each. He suspended three months on condition that they perform 105 hours of community service at Western Commonage Court.
The remaining three months were also suspended on condition that the two restitute $200 each to Tendekai for his laptop valued at $400.
Mpofu told the magistrate: “We took the laptop because he failed to pay us as he had promised for a few favours. We were surprised in the morning after we offered our services to hear him claim he didn’t have the money.”
The two women told the court that Tendekai had promised them $50 each, and had invited one of his friends for a foursome. Chikore told the magistrate she was “going back to school” as she pleaded for a non-custodial sentence. She needed two weeks to raise the $200, she said.
Tendekai had met the two women on November 3 last year at Club Forty 40 in Bulawayo. He would later see them during a pub crawl at Waverly Night Club on January 24, leading to their arrest.
Source: Chronicle

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