Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shock as dead man returns to his house to bathe after being buried !!!

HARDLY a week after the once flamboyant gold dealer, Taurai Paul Tsapauta, died and was buried in Tsvingwe, some strange happenings continue to take place at his house in Nyamauru, according to neighbours. Tsapauta is believed to have “returned to bathe” at his house at Number 7076 hardly a day after he was laid to rest at Tsvingwe Cemetery.

Sources who confided to The Weekender on Tuesday said the “immaculately dressed” Tsapauta, who is supposed to be six-feet under, came and “took a bath”, much to the shock of neighbours and tenants.

“It’s too sensitive. Please don’t publish my name. A lot is happening there. He was found “bathing” at the house a few hours after his death. We are neighbours and we are living in fear. Some tenants vacated the house as soon as they heard some strange sounds in the bathroom,” he said.

Another neighbour who was interviewed separately said the area was no longer a safe place to move around, especially during the night.

“We sometimes hear some stones being thrown at nearby houses. Vanhu vemuno vanobata-bata. We are no longer safe and we live in fear,” she said.

Some mythical creatures and artifacts believed to be wealth-enhancing tools were found at the house the day Taurai Paul Tsapauta died.

He died last Saturday morning at Old Mutare Mission Hospital where he was admitted for close to eight months.

Tsapauta, according to his friends, fell sick in March with just a swollen hand which he assumed to have been caused by boils, but by the time of his admittance into hospital, he had reportedly gone insane.

Neighbours said tenants at Tsapauta’s house refused to sleep in the house the evening after the incident.

Witnesses said four self-styled prophets from the Johanne Masowe YeZviratidzo were no match for the ‘‘goblins’’ until late in the evening when another self-styled prophet, Madzibaba Korito, came to the rescue.

Four prophets, a woman and three men were hired for the mission. Tsapauta’s wife removed a clay pot, zvuma (traditional beads), retso (red, white and black cloth), bakatwa (dagger), negano (a small axe).

“These were removed with no problems. However, when one of the male prophets tried to remove a cow horn-like object with hairy human skin on it and fresh blood pouring out, that is when the drama began.

“The horn was kept inside the mattress in Tsapauta’s bedroo m. The prophet was mysteriously hit and fell to the ground.”

Source: Manica Post

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