Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sakubva Clinic "Married Nurse" caught red-handed cheating with her landlady's boyfriend in Chikanga

MEDICAL professionals are known for preaching abstinence and faithfulness in this age of HIV and Aids, but a 28-year-old married nurse stationed at a local clinic allegedly failed to keep her marriage vows and cheated on her husband with her landlady’s boyfriend in Chikanga high-density suburb in Mutare.

The illicit affair has since resulted in the collapse of the nurse’s 10-year-old marriage.

Caroline Karasawu, a qualified nurse at Sakubva Clinic who was residing at Number 1832, Phase Two, Chikanga, together with her husband until recently, is said to have fallen in love with one Victor Makaye, who is also dating their landlady.

Makaye is a soldier.

Their shameful affair was brought to light after Caroline’s husband intercepted some Whatsapp text messages between the two love poachers and communicated with Victor pretending to be Caroline.

In an unsolicited interview, her former husband, Justice Munetsi, narrated how he first heard rumours of his wife’s alleged affair with Victor until the time he discovered it.

“We have been married for about 10 years now and we have two kids together. We started staying at Number 1832, Phase Two, Chikanga, about two years ago and we knew our landlady, Miriam Kumirai, had her boyfriend Victor Makaye. The most painful thing about their affair is that the boyfriend abused the trust that I had in him as a family friend. We occasionally went out as couples – my wife, Victor, his girlfriend (who was our landlady) and myself. I had no reason to suspect that my wife and him (Victor) will behave in such an animalistic manner.

“About four months ago, I went out of the country to collect a vehicle and upon my return I was told that Victor was spotted with my wife in town during odd hours, but I somehow did not want to believe it.

“After all, I was being told by another woman and I suspected that the woman had a sinister agenda. However, I went on to ask my wife about it and she denied all the allegations.

“Nonetheless, I started watching her moves and for sure she was now acting weird, unexpected of a married woman. At times, I would phone her and she would lie that she is at her workplace when in actual fact some reliable sources at her workplace would have confirmed to me that she was away. She started working half-days in order to find time to be with Victor.

“One day I got hold of her phone and I then came across some Whatsapp messages that finally confirmed the affair. In fact, there was a message from Victor saying: ‘I am now coming into town’. I replied the message asking ‘where are you now’.

“He replied: ‘I am at Dangamvura turn-off on my way to town’. Pretending to be my wife, I asked ‘where can I see you’ and he replied that ‘let me come to Chikanga and deal with Miriam (landlady) first and we later meet in town’.

“I went on to lie that ‘my husband is going to Watsomba for work’, adding that ‘nezuro wakandifadza’. He replied that ‘uchitendei’. My wife then discovered that her phone was missing and quickly suspected foul play. She hastily went behind my back and alerted Victor. All of a sudden the man changed the mood of the conversation,” he said.

Ironically, when the husband sought the intervention of the wife’s parents after unearthing the unholy affair, he was told that “aitsvaga makudo mugomo akamawana” (He went too far in searching for trouble and he found it).

“When I discovered that indeed my wife was cheating on me, I summoned the landlady to discuss the issues. She acknowledged having suspected something between the two.

“Miriam the landlady confessed that she even confronted her boyfriend about it, but he denied everything because she did not have concrete evidence.

“I later summoned my wife’s parents and brothers and, to my surprise, they supported the evil deeds of their daughter.

“In fact, I was told that “waitsvaga makudo mugomo wakamawana” (You went too far in searching for trouble and you found it),” he said.

The husband added that he has since moved out of their lodgings and is no longer interested in reuniting with his family.

When contacted for comment, Victor denied having had an affair with Caroline, but confirmed that the landlady was indeed his girlfriend.

“He (the husband) is lying. He even tried to visit my workplace with the intention of getting me punished, but he failed. I am surprised that he has gone this far.

“Well, I know him and I am in love with the woman who owns the house where he is a lodger. That is all,” he said.

Caroline only answered her phone, but after this reporter formally introduced himself, she hung up and never answered again.

Source: Manica Post

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