Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nyanga man raped his niece after she asked him for a Christmas present & the uncle claimed that the 3 rounds of S*X was her Christmas present

A TEENAGER from Nyanga was raped recently by her uncle who claimed the act was her Christmas present. The incident happened in Marova Village under Chief Katerere in Nyanga on Christmas Day. It is alleged that Smart Munderekunde Mutengu (22) raped his niece (17) after she had asked
him for a Christmas present.

It is alleged that the two were together on Christmas Day at Marova Business Centre where Smart spoiled the teenager by buying her soft drinks and snacks. They were also dancing to sungura music together.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri said at around 9pm, the girl informed her uncle that she was tired and that she wanted to be escorted home.

He said Smart agreed to escort her home, but he told her that he was only taking her half way since he wanted to spend the whole night at the shops drinking.

Insp Chishiri said while they were on their way, Smart proposed love to his niece, but she turned him down.

She asked for a Christmas present he had promised her.

“He told the girl that he had escorted her alone in order to give her the present which he had reserved for her.

“Out of curiosity, she demanded the present, but she was told to be patient and wait for the right time.

“When they approached a bushy area, Smart informed her that it was time to give her the present. He asked her to close her eyes for it was meant to be a surprise,” said Insp Chishiri.

He added that he started fondling her breasts and kissing her.

“She ordered him to stop, but he continued caressing her private parts and instructed her to do the same to him or he would kill her and disappear.

“He pushed the girl to the ground and gagged her mouth using her underwear. He raped her three times before the girl managed to scream for help. She was heard by a woman who was coming from the business centre. The woman followed the voice and caught Smart red-handed.

“The woman grabbed Smart’s trousers before screaming for help. Smart disappeared dressed only his in shirt and he has not been seen since then.

“A report was made to the police and the teenager was referred to Elim Mission Hospital for medical examinations and investigations are in progress,” he said.

Source: Manica Post

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