Thursday, January 2, 2014

Married Pastor had unprotected S*X with his maid, impregnated her & gave her US$80 for getting a Passport & a further US$200 to start a business

A pastor with the Apostolic Faith Mission Church (AFM) Highfield East Assembly is being accused of impregnating his 19-year-old domestic worker.
Pastor Raphael Muhwandavaka reportedly gave the domestic worker (name withheld) US$80 for getting a passport and a further US$200 for starting a business.
The man of God is now on suspension and is only attending church services as an ordinary member.
“I met Pastor Muhwandavaka when he was still ministering in Mhondoro. When he was transferred to Harare he came to my parents and asked them if I could come and stay with him. I respected him as my pastor,” said the impregnated teenager.
The girl also revealed that when she started staying with the pastor at his Lusaka home in Highfield, she never suspected that he would take advantage of her. According to the girl’s claims, the pastor literally raped her since the Man of God allegedly forced her to have s*x with him.
“He came into my room and asked me for s*x. I refused but he forced me and told me not to tell anyone. he threatened me with death if I ever told anyone. After the s*xual encounter, he gave me US$80 to get a passport and US$200 for buying wares to sell. I never told anyone because I was scared,” she said.
In her revelations, she also highlighted that Pastor Muhwandavaka came back for s*x when his wife went away to her parents’ home in Warren Park.
“His wife went to stay with her parents in Warren Park awaiting the birth of their third child. That is when he started frequenting my room for s*x. he kept threatening me. When I told him that I was pregnant, he kicked me out of his house. I have been calling him asking for money to register the pregnancy at the clinic but his wife has been answering the phone and scolding me. She told me to stop calling. He has been avoiding my parents and only came when they threatened to report him to the police,” said the teenager who is now staying in Mhondoro.
When the news crew visited Pastor Muhwandavaka’s house, his wife identified as Revai Nyamuchenga said he was not around. When asked about the allegations, she said: “I don’t see what will be achieved if the story is published in the papers. You should go to the people who told you about it to furnish you with more details. The pastor has gone to town.”
Pastor Muhwandavaka’s phone went unanswered and he did not respond to the text message sent to him.
One Pastor Mutsvedu who is believed to have handled the suspension however professed ignorance. After confirming that he was the one who had answered the phone, he suddenly shifted goalposts.
“Well, it’s pastor Mutsvedu’s phone but it’s not him speaking,” he said.
When asked by this reporter why he had first confirmed that it was him speaking he said: “Look it’s me but I am not the right person to talk to. I don’t even want to talk to you about that story,” he said rudely before hanging up the phone.
members of Pastor Muhwandavaka’s church castigated the senior members of the church.

“The elders erred because they took a person who is not yet spiritually mature to lead such a large congregation. They just took him from Mhondoro where he led a small congregation and he was still growing spiritually,” said one of the church members.

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