Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Last born child not yours,' wife tells hubby

A Harare man was stunned yesterday when his wife told him that their last born child was not his.

This emerged after Olinda Nhira hauled her husband Robert Urayayi before the Harare Civil Court claiming child support for two children.

The husband had all along assumed all three children were his, but Nhira turned the tables by telling the courts that she wanted $200 in child support for only two children. 

Asked why she wanted child support for two children while they have three, Nhira told the court that the last child does not belong to Urayayi and did not want to burden him.

Nhira told magistrate Rekina Dzikiti that the amount she is claiming includes school fees and food for their two children. 

"He works at Kerger Engineering and earns $400," she said. 

"The children need to go to school. The third child is not his and does not bear his surname. He (the child) has his father's surname which is not Urayayi's."

Urayayi was shocked to hear that the last child did not belong to him.  He said he was no longer employed at Kerger Engineering and was surviving by selling sweets.

"The child was born in my house and I am actually shocked to hear that the child is not mine," he said. 

I have been taking care of that child since he was born and now she is telling me that the child is not mine. I do not work and I sell sweets in town. I realise about $5 a day," Urayayi charged furiously.

"I am offering nothing because I am currently not employed." 

Nhira insisted that Urayayi was still employed.

Magistrate Dzikiti ordered Nhira to verify if her husband was still employed at Kerger Engineering. The matter continues today.  

Source: Daily News

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