Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hurungwe man went to a shop and threatened to kill the shopkeeper if she didn't surrender to him groceries & later raped her

Armed with a knife, an iron bar and a pouch of stones, a Hurungwe man allegedly robbed and raped a woman and threatened to kill her. Otherwise Tigere appeared before Karoi magistrate Mr Robson Finsin last week charged with robbery and rape. He was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.
Charges against Tigere arose during the night of December 13 last year at Morocco Township, Pote in Hurungwe.
Tigere who was fortified with the primitive weapons allegedly went to a shop where he threatened to kill the woman if she did not surrender to him packs of groceries that included brown sugar, powdered milk, rice, flour, biscuits, sweets, cigarettes and two cell phones among others, all worth US$574.
When police arrested Tigere with part of the loot four days later, his victim, apart from recognising his tattooed body, also positively identified him through the white boxer shorts he had been putting on as underwear during the night he committed the crime. Tigere would be back at the court on January 15.
Source: Herald

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