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Flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa goes "bananas" after being asked about his pregnant girlfriend !!!!

Lindsey fell pregnant and in July 2009 gave birth to Chiyangwa’s son named Michael Joseph Nathan
Lindsey fell pregnant and in July 2009 gave birth to Chiyangwa’s son named Michael Joseph Nathan
A former model who is having an affair with businessman Philip Chiyangwa, the father of her first child in 2009, is pregnant again with all the evidence suggesting that the affair is still rumbling on. 

Nehanda Radio can exclusively reveal that Chiyangwa has been having a long running affair with 31 year-old Lindsey Ndlovu, a former sales representative with the Metro Magazine in Bulawayo who caught Chiyangwa’s eye after she won the Miss Summer Strides 2004 at the Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre.This is despite Chiyangwa trying desperately to woo back his estranged wife of 25 years, Elizabeth Juma.
But the affair is said to have started via another affair Chiyangwa was allegedly having with the then Miss Zimbabwe 2005, Lorraine Maphala. Our source claims Chiyangwa took Lorraine from Bulawayo and gave her a house to stay in Borrowdale Brooke road in the capital Harare.
Nehanda Radio was shown email correspondence in which Lindsey herself said;
“Lorraine asked me to stay with her because we were young and she was afraid to stay by herself in Harare and I agreed since she was my best friend.
“Chiyangwa would send her to China and every time we would take her to the airport together he would come and drop me off and force me to sleep with him and tell me to keep quiet.”
Chiyangwa finally dumped Lorraine in 2008. She was able to move on met another businessman in Sonny Phiri. The two tied the knot in November 2013.
Meanwhile Lindsey fell pregnant and in July 2009 gave birth to Chiyangwa’s son named Michael Joseph Nathan. Chiyangwa allegedly did not want to help secure a birth certificate for the child until Lindsey put pressure on him. She claims she is also struggling to get money from Chiyangwa to look after their child.
“I went with my brother Sean Ndlovu to his office and money was always a hassle. I then went back to Bulawayo after he chased Lorraine and every month he does not want to send the money for his child,” Lindsey complained.
Lindsey Ndlovu
Lindsey Ndlovu
“I have to come to Harare and he puts me in the Meikles Hotel and sleeps with me. I am now pregnant again and he had said l could move to Harare but now he is telling me I cant and when I tell him I am coming he threatens me,” she added.
Lindsey said her sister and friend, singer Sandra Ndebele, has also tried to speak to Chiyangwa to resolve the problem but to no avail. Chiyangwa allegedly told Lindsey “you can never report me anyway because I am connected.”
Chiyangwa has been producing a string of self-recorded videos trying to woo back his estranged wife Elizabeth Juma who filed for divorce in November last year. She stated in the divorce petition that Chiyangwa was associating with several other women and the marriage had irretrievably broken down.
Towards the end of December Nehanda Radio exclusively broke the story of Sarah Frankis, the woman whose alleged affair with Chiyangwa set off the chain of events that led to his wife of 25 years filing for divorce.
Sarah has a son with Chiyangwa who was born in September last year. The two have been having an affair for some time now amid sensational claims that Chiyangwa has an estimated 55 children with dozens of other women.
Although Elizabeth had over the years put up with her husband’s philandering ways, matters came to a head when she discovered that Chiyangwa was in the habit of sneaking Sarah into their matrimonial home and bed whenever she was away. When she questioned him on this, he allegedly beat her up several times.
In November last year, a fed up Elizabeth filed for divorce claiming 85 percent of the couple’s wealth and US$83 000 per month for 120 months as maintenance. She also proceeded to detail Chiyangwa’s spectacular collection of cars, houses, companies, commercial and residential stands.
On Monday Nehanda Radio called Chiyangwa to get his side of the story and he responded with a barrage of unprintable insults aimed at this journalist. At one time the businessman offered to put Lindsey Ndlovu on a teleconference call suggesting he knew her and had her phone number. Lindsey was the subject of our inquiry.
Below is the unedited interview between Chiyangwa and Lance Guma !!!!
Source: Nehanda Radio(Lance Guma)

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