Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bulawayo Street Kid sneaked into a couple's bedroom & "sampled" the wife while her husband was busy snoring

A Bulawayo man has learnt to just sleep for a few minutes like a giraffe after a 'street kid' reportedly sneaked into their bedroom and 'sampled' his wife while he was busy snoring and enjoying his sleep, it is alleged.

The seemingly notorious 16-year-old Brendon Dube who is of no fixed abode stands accused of sneaking into Esilina Sisimani's bed at around 4am. He is said to have found Esilina and his wife sleeping. The street kid allegedly fondled the married woman but not before stealing the couple's belongings first.

State counsel Tatenda Dakwa told the court that the vagabond gained entry through the window.

"He broke in the house through an opening on the cracked window pane. Soon after entering the house, Brendon stole a cellphone, four pairs of jeans and 15 napkins," he said.

After looting, the seemingly s*x-starved teenager reportedly dashed to the couple's bedroom where he found the man of the house 'dead asleep'. He then took advantage and sneaked into the married couple's blankets and started 'playing' with the woman's breasts.

It is reported that at first, the woman 'allowed' the boy to continue enjoying the pleasure of her breasts, as she assumed that it was her husband who was 'warming up' for some 'morning glory'.

While the woman felt the massaging on her boobs, her husband reportedly never felt nor heard a thing and continued enjoying the sweetness of his deep sleep. After some time, presumably because of Esilina's snoring, the woman eventually decided to open her eyes and got the shock of her life when she figured out that her 'milk ducts' had been literally exploited at the behest of the daring street kid.

The husband reportedly only woke up when his wife screamed. The notorious teenager tried taking to his heels, but this time the man of the house would not tolerate nonsense. He caught the young man and effected citizen's arrest before eventually handing him over to the police.

The teenager was remanded in custody to 20 Janury.

Source: My Zimbabwe

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