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Girl snatched her mother's husband, forced the mother out of the marriage & now she is married to the man

A Chiredzi girl (13) recently snatched her mother's husband and forced the mother out of both the marriage and the matrimonial home in a case that has shocked the sleepy sugar cane producing town.

The mother was forced to leave her biological daughter to take over her husband,home and three children that she sired with the husband.

The girl was staying with her mother, stepfather Murevandirete Utete (34) and three siblings from her stepfather and mother's marriage as a family at 243B Mudzanga Farm in Chiredzi when the father suddenly fell in love with her.

Utete then impregnated her stepdaughter and had a baby boy and thereafter divorced his wife.

The stepdaughter remained as the new wife and is now a stepmother to her own half brothers and sisters.

It all started after Murevandirete Utete had s*x with the stepdaughter by the river and one thing led to another.

It is the state's case that in January 2012 at Chiredzi river Utete had s*x with a minor and after that the two got married.

Prosecutor Prosper Chipangura told the court that before the incident, Utete and the complainant lived together as a family since the minor's mother was married to him.

The court however charged the accused for having s*x with a minor after the matter was reported to the police by the child's mother.

Utete pleaded guilty to the charges.

In mitigation, Utete pleaded with the court to sympathise with him because he was both the father and the mother of the family since his wife was young and could not take care of such a big family.He said the state should at least spare him a jail sentence.

The resident magistrate Tayengwa Chibanda however, slapped him with an effective six months jail sentence saying that Utete knew that he was engaging in a relationship with a minor and that he had no right to have any s*xual activity with a minor.

Source: Masvingo Mirror

Student unrest rocks Hartzell High School since last week & the pupils are demanding the removal of their headmaster, riot police fired teargas !!!

STUDENT unrest rocked Hartzell High School since Sunday evening with the militant pupils demanding the removal of their headmaster, Mr Shorwi Kawadza, from the school, accusing him of being insensitive to their welfare and education.
So tense was the situation that it had to take the intervention of the police in full riot gear to stop the pupils from marching to Mutare on Monday morning.

The police, who were first called in on Sunday night when the demonstration started, had to fire teargas canisters to disperse the rampaging students who had vandalised the girls’ hostels fence.

When The Manica Post visited the school on Monday, heavily armed police officers had just intercepted the students at Mutare River and were marching them back to the school.

The police were back at the school on Tuesday night as some students had ganged up to attack one of the teachers’ houses.

It only took the intervention of acting Manicaland Education Provincial Director, Mr Andrew Chigumira, to restore normalcy at the school as the responsible authorities and different delegations from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education had  failed to offer a solution to the unrest.

The school authorities had resolved to hire four buses to ferry form threes and fours back home, but Mr Chigumira on Tuesday shot down the suggestion, saying it was against the children’s right to education.

The students’ petition, which this paper has in its possession, had 15 issues which they want addressed.

Among the issues raised was the decision by the school to spend $3 800 on prefects orientation at a local hotel, yet no maintenance like cutting of long grass was done prior to the opening of the school.

Mr Kawadza was also being accused of renovating his office and personal toilet, while the infrastructure at the school was suffering from neglect.

The students complained that the ablution facilities in their halls of residence leave a lot to be desired and to confirm their allegations a penchant smell emanating from the toilet at the beit-hall engulfed the whole area as students were being addressed by United Methodist Church’s education secretary, Reverend Timire on Monday.

The students also complained that their Science studying counterparts were paying an extra $40 for laboratory chemicals, but they accessed the laboratory less than three times last year.

Mr Kawadza was also being accused of enrolling less than 25 ex-Hartzell students for Lower Six. He was also accused of using vulgar language while addressing students, as well as being rude to students’ parents.

The students said the decision by the school authorities to enroll just 45 A-Level students was having a telling effect on sporting activities as the school is no longer a force to reckon with in extra-curriculum activities.

In an interview on Wednesday, Mr Chigumira, confirmed the unrest and said his investigators were on the ground and was expecting a report from them today (Friday).

“The student said they no longer wanted the services of the headmaster. I first dispatched my team on Monday to solve the problem, but their efforts failed to find a solution. I sent another team on Tuesday, but it was a deadlock until I had to drive there.

“We were frank in our discussions and we resolved that students should continue with their lessons while investigations into the allegations being leveled against the authorities continue.

“We could not allow the school to send children back home as a solution to the impasse because their lessons should not be interrupted. It is true that the school authorities had hired four buses to take the children back home, but this should be the last thing to do,” said Mr Chigumira.

While addressing the students on Monday, Rev Timire, tried in vain to have dialogue with them, as they at times hackled him. At times they disrupted his addresses by singing songs denouncing the headmaster.

“As the responsible authorities we promise to look into the issues you have raised. We urge you to go back to your classes while we look into your grievances,” said Rev Timire.

However, some authorities at the school are accusing some teachers of inciting students to revolt against the headmaster over the issue of incentives as well as personality clashes.

Source: Manica Post

Man fatally assaulted his wife and gave her poison for having and affair with a school boy

A NYAZURA man is alleged to have fatally assaulted his wife after accusing her of having an affair with a school boy from the area.
Police confirmed the death of Millicent Jarai (24), saying she committed suicide by drinking poison but interviewed relatives alleged she was beaten
to death by her husband Tawanda Tanyanyiwa (28), who then put poison in her mouth to fake the suicide.

The incident happened in Kuwanda Village under Chief Makoni.

When The Weekender visited the area last Saturday to attend Jarai’s burial there was drama as relatives and villagers chased and stoned Tanyanyiwa, accusing him of murdering his wife.

Tanyanyiwa took to his heels as the angry mob attacked him with all sorts of weapons. He disappeared into a bush.

The relatives and most villagers snubbed the burial and bayed for Tanyanyiwa’s blood.

Riot police had to be summoned to quell the volatile situation as the villagers demanded to bury Tanyanyiwa alive together with his wife.

They claimed that he fatally assaulted his wife and later gave her poison in a bid to cover his tracks.

The incensed villagers turned wild after Tanyanyiwa refused to produce his wife’s post-mortem results, which they claimed proved that she had suffered severe injuries from the assault.

Relatives who were able to view her body said she was still bleeding from the nose and ears and had deep cuts on the back of her head and on the stomach, symptoms they said were consistent with severe battering and not poisoning.

A man only identified as Camos, who is also a teacher at a nearby school, alleged that he saw Tanyanyiwa assaulting his wife with an unknown weapon while drunk.

Other neighbours who also witnessed the assault advised Millicent to make a police report.

She was subsequently escorted to make the report by a Form Four male student only identified as Master.

“When she returned home, her husband accused her of having an affair with the student,’’ claimed one villager.

In the ensuing misunderstanding, Tanyanyiwa took a garden rake and assaulted her. She tried to run away but he chased her and assaulted her further.

A close relative who chose not to be named said after Tanyanyiwa realised that he had severely injured his wife, he took her into their bedroom, changed her clothes and later administered poison on her.

Tanyanyiwa then allegedly called on his neighbours to witness the “suicide”.

Source: Manica Post

Breaking News: Pastor Gumbura found guilty & convicted of 4 counts of rape !!!!

Pastor Gumbura
Independent End Time Message founder and pastor Robert Martin Gumbura, who made headlines for allegedly raping and abusing female members of his church, has been convicted of four counts of rape.

RMG Independent End Time message leader Robert Martin Gumbura has been convicted of four counts of rape and one on possession of p*rnographic material.

The matter has been stood down to 2.15pm today for aggravation and mitigation.

The sentencing has been postponed to Monday.

Gumbura, who has been in custody since November last year, denied the charges. 

Judgment was postponed on January 8 - the initial verdict date - when the court inspected Gumbura's Marlborough mansion.

Regional magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya then set January 24 as the judgment date but ruling was again deferred as the magistrate said he was not feeling well. The State closed its case after leading evidence from 12 witnesses, including the alleged victims.

Gumbura, who has 11 wives and 30 children, claims the s*xual encounters with the complainants were consensual. His lawyers, Ms Rekai Maposa and Mr Emmanuel Samundombe, said Gumbura intended to marry the women. 

Source: Byo24News

Thursday, January 30, 2014

University Student f*cked 2 hookers in a church

A UNIVERSITY student who romped with two hookers in a church got swift punishment from God after the two women robbed him of a laptop.Gumbodete Prosper Tendekai used the Anglican Church in Bulawayo’s Riverside suburb as a love nest.
The National University of Science and Technology (Nust) student invited the two hookers and a mate for a foursome, a court heard.
But Tendekai’s s*x fest turned sour when the two ladies of the night seized his HP630 laptop and sold it for $100 after he failed to pay them.
Tendekai saw the two women days later at Waverly Night Club and called the police. Truedy Mpofu, 22, and Viola Vanessa Chikore, 19, both from Mpopoma, pleaded guilty to theft when they appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove yesterday.
Mushove sentenced the duo to six months in prison each. He suspended three months on condition that they perform 105 hours of community service at Western Commonage Court.
The remaining three months were also suspended on condition that the two restitute $200 each to Tendekai for his laptop valued at $400.
Mpofu told the magistrate: “We took the laptop because he failed to pay us as he had promised for a few favours. We were surprised in the morning after we offered our services to hear him claim he didn’t have the money.”
The two women told the court that Tendekai had promised them $50 each, and had invited one of his friends for a foursome. Chikore told the magistrate she was “going back to school” as she pleaded for a non-custodial sentence. She needed two weeks to raise the $200, she said.
Tendekai had met the two women on November 3 last year at Club Forty 40 in Bulawayo. He would later see them during a pub crawl at Waverly Night Club on January 24, leading to their arrest.
Source: Chronicle

Tsholotsho man was caught pants down bonking a donkey until the donkey started to make groaning sounds of pleasure

A 24-year-old man from Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North Province was caught pants down with a donkey by the owner in the dead of the night after he had heard the groaning and braying sound which was being made by the donkey. 

B-Metro reports that when the owner of the donkey Clement Mathe went to the kraal to investigate, he could not believe his eyes when he saw Lungisani Chama busy quenching his desires on his donkey.

The puzzled Mathe later called his neighbours who came and witnessed the spectacle before they effected a citizen arrest on the s*x manic Chama. 

For the offence, he was brought before Tsholotsho resident provincial magistrate Carrington Karidzagundi charged with bestiality. 

He did not waste the court's time when he quickly pleaded guilty. 

He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment of which six months of the sentence were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour. 

A remainder portion of six months was further suspended on condition that he completes 210 hours of community service at Mpande Primary School
In passing the sentence, the magistrate took into consideration the fact that by having s*x with a donkey, Chama acted against nature. 

The court heard that Chama from Fumabatshena Line Sipepa went to Mathe's homestead in the same area at around midnight. 

Source: B-Metro

Shock as hubby catches wife moaning & groaning enjoying his grandfather's "joystick" !!!

A Bulawayo man who was dragged to court by his estranged pregnant wife for the upkeep of his two-year-old child and their unborn baby, shocked the court when he revealed that he once caught his wife red-handed sleeping with his grandfather in their matrimonial home.

Sifelani Maseko told the court: "I caught this woman sleeping with my grandfather. It was the main reason she left the house and put up in her family's house."

"If only the child was staying with me, I could be providing but now that I am unemployed there is nothing I can do because someone is also taking care of me. I can only pay $10 monthly."

In reply, the wife, Patience Sibanda said Maseko was "lying". She never slept with his grandfather. 

She said: "I have failed to live with this man as he was abusive and did not cater for our needs as his family." 

"I've since moved back with my parents and need him to pay $125 so that I also prepare for our second child who will be born soon."

Magistrate Mutshina ordered Maseko to go and rethink about how much he would offer to cater for the welfare of the child

Magistrate Mutshina said: "surely you cannot offer $10 for your child, rather go out and think about how much you will give your child."

A few hours later, Maseko returned to the court on his own claiming that his pregnant wife had given up.

Source: Court

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CIO agent ran for dear life after being caught bonking a married woman

Sibongile Gonde being assisted by her sister to walk
A CENTRAL Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent fled from a house in Plumtree after being caught having a nice time with a married woman.Kudakwashe Muti, who is the Divisional Intelligence Officer (DIO) in charge of Plumtree, fled in his car over the weekend leaving his           lover at the mercy of her enraged husband.
Norman Mlambo, who lives separately from his wife, Sibongile Gonde, walked in on her and found her wrapped in the arms of Muti.
She was left nursing injuries after Mlambo battered her.
This emerged as Mlambo appeared in court yesterday charged with assault. Gonde and her husband exchanged harsh words just outside the Plumtree Magistrates’ Court yesterday, in full view of court officials and journalists.
Gonde, who was seen with facial injuries, was being assisted by her sister to walk.
“You had no right to beat me up just because you found me with another man while in my own house and not yours. After all we are on separation, so what I do with other men does not concern you,” she yelled at Mlambo.
“Right now, I am injured. How will I sustain myself if I can hardly walk to work? I will come to your house and stay with you and the other wife that you have right now because I cannot starve to death because of your actions.”
Mlambo shot back: “I had every right to beat you up because you are still my wife. We’re not divorced as we’re just living in separation, and  if I see you with your boyfriends I will definitely discipline you.”
Prosecutors say on January 25, Mlambo arrived at his wife’s house in the Mathendele area shortly after 11PM and found her canoodling with another man.
He flew into a rage and hit her several times all over the body with booted feet and fists. Mlambo, who has a child with Gonde, was remanded to February 4 on free bail.
Source: Chronicle

Monday, January 27, 2014

Flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa goes "bananas" after being asked about his pregnant girlfriend !!!!

Lindsey fell pregnant and in July 2009 gave birth to Chiyangwa’s son named Michael Joseph Nathan
Lindsey fell pregnant and in July 2009 gave birth to Chiyangwa’s son named Michael Joseph Nathan
A former model who is having an affair with businessman Philip Chiyangwa, the father of her first child in 2009, is pregnant again with all the evidence suggesting that the affair is still rumbling on. 

Nehanda Radio can exclusively reveal that Chiyangwa has been having a long running affair with 31 year-old Lindsey Ndlovu, a former sales representative with the Metro Magazine in Bulawayo who caught Chiyangwa’s eye after she won the Miss Summer Strides 2004 at the Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre.This is despite Chiyangwa trying desperately to woo back his estranged wife of 25 years, Elizabeth Juma.
But the affair is said to have started via another affair Chiyangwa was allegedly having with the then Miss Zimbabwe 2005, Lorraine Maphala. Our source claims Chiyangwa took Lorraine from Bulawayo and gave her a house to stay in Borrowdale Brooke road in the capital Harare.
Nehanda Radio was shown email correspondence in which Lindsey herself said;
“Lorraine asked me to stay with her because we were young and she was afraid to stay by herself in Harare and I agreed since she was my best friend.
“Chiyangwa would send her to China and every time we would take her to the airport together he would come and drop me off and force me to sleep with him and tell me to keep quiet.”
Chiyangwa finally dumped Lorraine in 2008. She was able to move on met another businessman in Sonny Phiri. The two tied the knot in November 2013.
Meanwhile Lindsey fell pregnant and in July 2009 gave birth to Chiyangwa’s son named Michael Joseph Nathan. Chiyangwa allegedly did not want to help secure a birth certificate for the child until Lindsey put pressure on him. She claims she is also struggling to get money from Chiyangwa to look after their child.
“I went with my brother Sean Ndlovu to his office and money was always a hassle. I then went back to Bulawayo after he chased Lorraine and every month he does not want to send the money for his child,” Lindsey complained.
Lindsey Ndlovu
Lindsey Ndlovu
“I have to come to Harare and he puts me in the Meikles Hotel and sleeps with me. I am now pregnant again and he had said l could move to Harare but now he is telling me I cant and when I tell him I am coming he threatens me,” she added.
Lindsey said her sister and friend, singer Sandra Ndebele, has also tried to speak to Chiyangwa to resolve the problem but to no avail. Chiyangwa allegedly told Lindsey “you can never report me anyway because I am connected.”
Chiyangwa has been producing a string of self-recorded videos trying to woo back his estranged wife Elizabeth Juma who filed for divorce in November last year. She stated in the divorce petition that Chiyangwa was associating with several other women and the marriage had irretrievably broken down.
Towards the end of December Nehanda Radio exclusively broke the story of Sarah Frankis, the woman whose alleged affair with Chiyangwa set off the chain of events that led to his wife of 25 years filing for divorce.
Sarah has a son with Chiyangwa who was born in September last year. The two have been having an affair for some time now amid sensational claims that Chiyangwa has an estimated 55 children with dozens of other women.
Although Elizabeth had over the years put up with her husband’s philandering ways, matters came to a head when she discovered that Chiyangwa was in the habit of sneaking Sarah into their matrimonial home and bed whenever she was away. When she questioned him on this, he allegedly beat her up several times.
In November last year, a fed up Elizabeth filed for divorce claiming 85 percent of the couple’s wealth and US$83 000 per month for 120 months as maintenance. She also proceeded to detail Chiyangwa’s spectacular collection of cars, houses, companies, commercial and residential stands.
On Monday Nehanda Radio called Chiyangwa to get his side of the story and he responded with a barrage of unprintable insults aimed at this journalist. At one time the businessman offered to put Lindsey Ndlovu on a teleconference call suggesting he knew her and had her phone number. Lindsey was the subject of our inquiry.
Below is the unedited interview between Chiyangwa and Lance Guma !!!!
Source: Nehanda Radio(Lance Guma)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Silobela man killed a male donkey after seeing it 'giving good s*x' to a female donkey, "I was jealous that the donkeys were having s*x in front of me when I was not," said the man

An extremely jealous Silobela man killed a male donkey after seeing it 'giving good s*x' to a female donkey.

The man, James Moyo, who could not stomach seeing the male donkey its lengthy anaconda into the female donkey admired by the man ended up killing the animal. The donkey belonged to Tshaka Dube.

It is reported that James began seething in anger when he saw the male donkey inserting its 'mating weapon' into the female donkey's 'animal-hood'. James grabbed a brick that was nearby and aimed for the male donkey's head. Realising that he had not done enough to the seemingly 's*xually equipped' animal, James reportedly produced a sharp object which he used to kill the hapless donkey.

Villagers in the area quickly gathered and asked the man why he had killed the donkey.

"I was jealous that the donkeys were having s*x in front of me when I was not," he allegedly said.

Another villager who was only identified as Sibanda said James lost his job and since then he is usually found sitting by the shops.

"While he was seated there, a male donkey came chasing a female donkey and when it caught up with it, they donkeys started mating. James could not stomach seeing another male creature enjoying itself, so he picked a brick and hit the male one on the head. When we asked him why he killed it, he replied, 'ranga richindivhairira' (it was showing off)," said Sibanda.

Tshaka Dube, the owner of the killed donkey, confirmed the incident and said the matter had been reported to Clr Thabani nsingo who is the councillor for ward 27 in the area.

"Maybe James is so stressed, but killing the donkey for that reason is so unacceptable," he said.

When reached for comment, the councillor said the two parties had reached an agreement.

"Dube forgave James and he understood the man's situation. However villagers were of the concern that James should compensate Dube then go back to his rural home in Plumtree," said Clr Nsingo.

Source: My Zimbabwe

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wife shocked after she saw n*ked pictures of her hubby having S*X with their maid

Bare pictures of a domestic worker and her employer sold out a relationship between the two leading to the collapse of a four-year-old marriage.

The marriage between Energy Mukungurwa and Edith Rupanga is now beyond repair after Edith found Energy and Pelagia Gumbo's pictures in the former's phone. The two took pictures of themselves while undressed at a city lodge.

But their secret did not last. Energy could not help but elevate Pelagia to the employer's role. Edith said although she suspected that the two were cheating, she had no proof so she couldn't confront them.

"I first saw a Whatsapp message in Pelagia's phone which was coming from my husband who was asking her about a picture she had promised to send him.

"Message yacho yanga yakanzi ko wakazodii ne picture (umbiko wakhona ubuthi kanti wathini ngomfanekiso) and I had a feeling that he wanted her to send him picture asina kupfeka (ekagqokanga). For two months I could only suspect that something was going on," she said.

Edith said before Christmas she then found a disrobed picture of Pelagia in her husband's phone and another picture of the two while half undressed.

"Ndakazowanikidza picture yavo vari vaviri vakashama zvairatidza kuti vanga varara vese (ngathola umfanekiso wabo bengqunu okwakutshengisa ukuthi babesecansini bonke). I asked my husband about it and he was so jumpy and didn't want to talk about it. He has since moved out of the house and has now blocked all my phones.

"I fired the maid instantly and I don't know where she is, I know we were having problems with my husband but I never knew that he would go as far as sleeping with the domestic worker," she said.

Energy who didn't deny that he slept with the domestic worker when asked by this reporter then went on to ask what wrong he had committed by sleeping with the woman.

"Ehe Pelagia ndomuziva. Mhosva yangu saka apa ndeyeyi kana ndakarara naye (Yebo uPelagia ngiyamazi, icala lami ngelani ma ngalala laye)?" he responded.

Pelagia, however, said she regretted everything that had happened as she said that she feared that she might not be employed anywhere if the story was to be published.

"We slept together once at some lodge in town. I don't know the place. It only happened once and I regret whatever happened.

"I don't know what really got into me because I have a boyfriend and this man doesn't phone me anymore ever since he slept with me. Please don't publish that story, nobody would want to employ me," she pleaded.

Pelagia also conceded that Energy was the one who had hired her although the wife didn't know.

"He is the one who hired me semunhu anga agara achindida asi mai vanga vasingazvizvi vaifunga kuti ndakatsvagwa neshamwari yavo. Asi ndakangorara navo kamwechete, ndapota nyaya iyi musainyora (njengomuntu owayengithanda kodwa umkakhe wayengazi wayecabangela ukuthi ngaqatshwa ngumngane wakhe. Kodwa ngalala laye kanye kuphela, ngiyacela lingabhali ngodaba lolu)," she pleaded. 

Source: H-Metro

Shock as dead man returns to his house to bathe after being buried !!!

HARDLY a week after the once flamboyant gold dealer, Taurai Paul Tsapauta, died and was buried in Tsvingwe, some strange happenings continue to take place at his house in Nyamauru, according to neighbours. Tsapauta is believed to have “returned to bathe” at his house at Number 7076 hardly a day after he was laid to rest at Tsvingwe Cemetery.

Sources who confided to The Weekender on Tuesday said the “immaculately dressed” Tsapauta, who is supposed to be six-feet under, came and “took a bath”, much to the shock of neighbours and tenants.

“It’s too sensitive. Please don’t publish my name. A lot is happening there. He was found “bathing” at the house a few hours after his death. We are neighbours and we are living in fear. Some tenants vacated the house as soon as they heard some strange sounds in the bathroom,” he said.

Another neighbour who was interviewed separately said the area was no longer a safe place to move around, especially during the night.

“We sometimes hear some stones being thrown at nearby houses. Vanhu vemuno vanobata-bata. We are no longer safe and we live in fear,” she said.

Some mythical creatures and artifacts believed to be wealth-enhancing tools were found at the house the day Taurai Paul Tsapauta died.

He died last Saturday morning at Old Mutare Mission Hospital where he was admitted for close to eight months.

Tsapauta, according to his friends, fell sick in March with just a swollen hand which he assumed to have been caused by boils, but by the time of his admittance into hospital, he had reportedly gone insane.

Neighbours said tenants at Tsapauta’s house refused to sleep in the house the evening after the incident.

Witnesses said four self-styled prophets from the Johanne Masowe YeZviratidzo were no match for the ‘‘goblins’’ until late in the evening when another self-styled prophet, Madzibaba Korito, came to the rescue.

Four prophets, a woman and three men were hired for the mission. Tsapauta’s wife removed a clay pot, zvuma (traditional beads), retso (red, white and black cloth), bakatwa (dagger), negano (a small axe).

“These were removed with no problems. However, when one of the male prophets tried to remove a cow horn-like object with hairy human skin on it and fresh blood pouring out, that is when the drama began.

“The horn was kept inside the mattress in Tsapauta’s bedroo m. The prophet was mysteriously hit and fell to the ground.”

Source: Manica Post

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