Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Video :Chiyangwa telling his girlfriend that he wants to kiss her lips & squeeze the "shit" out of her !!!

Women more likely to cheat on partners with bigger & longer penises !!!

study into marital infidelity has found that longer penises are linked to wives cheating on their spouses.

The study, published in the online Journal PloS One, was led by US and Kenyan researchers, found that every extra inch boosts the likelihood of wives engaging in extramarital affairs.

"We included this variable because of the interest and controversies that surround men's pursuit of penile enlargement ostensibly to sexually satisfy their spouses while women do not necessarily approve of it," the researchers wrote.

"Surprisingly, [having a] spouse [with a] longer fully erect penis was associated with increased likelihood of the women having extra-marital partnerships. From these results, every one inch longer penis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times," the researchers wrote.

This is apparently because a longer penis increases sexual discomfort. The researchers quoted one of the women in the study as saying, "…some penises may be large yet my vagina is small, when he tries to insert it inside, it hurts so much that I will have to look for another man who has a smaller one [penis] and can do it in a way I can enjoy".

According to the study, domestic violence and denying a woman a preferred sex position also increased the likelihood of extra-marital relationships.

Meanwhile factors which reduce the likelihood of a wife cheating on her husband are her age (older wives were less likely to cheat), and how sexually satisfied she is.

"Some [men] just take a minute and leaves you there when you are still 'hanging'… You cannot even tell if this thing is over or still continuing. Sometime we aren't satisfied yet we can't explain it [to our partners]. However, when we get men who can satisfy us, we do not waste such chances," one woman told the researchers.

Source: Time Live

Zimbabwe ‘satanists’ torment South African man after he refused to supply them with human body parts

Donald Eunice of Free State in South Africa, who claims he is being haunted by satanists
A South African man says he is living in fear after alleged satanists based in Zimbabwe threatened to kill his children when he refused to supply them with human body parts. Donald Eunice, 35, of Free State in the neighbouring country on Friday narrated how he was recruited by the satanists, who he said were from a local church (name withheld).
The accused church leaders were not at their place of worship yesterday and so cannot be named.
Speaking a combination of Zulu, Setswana and Afrikaans, Eunice said church members invited him to Zimbabwe early this year — having recruited him in South Africa in 2002 — and gave him details of his gory mission.
He was allegedly promised riches beyond his wildest dreams and a Toyota Hilux if he delivered the body parts.
There were also promises that he would be cured of HIV.
“Early this year, I began having dreams in which I was instructed to come to Zimbabwe without telling my neighbours, wife and two daughters aged 13 and nine. I ignored the dreams until I received a phone call from church leaders in Bulawayo telling me they were talking to me through the dream,” said Eunice.

“I eventually arrived in Bulawayo on March 5 and they said they had summoned me for an important job in the church. They said they needed me to kill children in South Africa and bring their private parts to Zimbabwe.
“I was shocked. All along I thought we were worshipping God, so I refused to cooperate.”
Eunice narrated how the church leaders got angry and told him he would go insane and his children would die before the end of this year.
“I temporarily went insane and lost my passport and luggage. I was eating from dustbins at a place called Egodini (Basch Street Terminus). Sometimes I would recover my senses and wonder what I was doing there. Some people told me to go to Pumula and see a
prophet Ngwenya for assistance,” he said.
Eunice said he walked to Pumula but failed to see Ngwenya because there were too many people.
He said he eventually met Pastor Ayanda Mabhena of the Twelve Apostles of Christ Church in Pumula East on Thursday April 17, after wandering as a vagrant for more than a month.
Pastor Ayanda Mabhena told Chronicle that they prayed for the South African until he regained his senses.
The pastor said Eunice told them his story and also gave them his wife’s phone number in South Africa.
Pastor Mabhena said they also reported the matter at Pumula Police Station.
“The satanists tried to kill him by making a snake like creature run under his skin whenever he talked about them, but through prayer we overcame all that. We are now raising money to return him to South Africa.”
In a telephone interview from South Africa, his wife, Meipone Eunice could not hide her joy as she said the family thought Eunice was dead because he had just disappeared from home. The councillor for Pumula East and Pumula Old, Clyton Zana said he met the South African after being invited by residents.
He said they were happy with the cooperation they received from the police over the matter as they promised to assist Eunice to travel back home.
“I think as Bulawayo we should ensure every church is registered and has a building to operate from so that they can be held accountable for their activities,” said Clr Zana.
A Bulawayo United Residents Association representative in the suburb, Ntando Moyo, said the government should act to protect citizens from satanic cults that were exploiting poor people.
Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Abedinico Ncube said police did not have a report on the issue.
Source: Chronicle

Thursday, March 13, 2014

President Mugabe's daughter forced into marriage !!!!

Bona Mugabe and husband Simba Chikore
Bona Mugabe and husband Simba Chikore
 President Robert Mugabe's only daughter, Bona, was allegedly rounded up to marry her new mysterious husband, Simba Chikore due to unperturbed pressure from her mother and the ZAOGA church, The Telescope News has learnt.
It is now coming to light, that First Lady, Grace Mugabe, railroaded the marriage ceremony following concerns that Mugabe's health and age, might result in him failing to see Bona tie the knot, therefore she wanted to fulfill her husbands wish.
We also have it on good account, that the newly weds are also under severe pressure to make their first baby, as it is also Mugabe and Grace dream to "hold and see their first grandchild" as a couple together and alive. Grace is already a grandmother, after her first born son Russell, to her first husband Stanely Gorereza recently became a father.
The baby boy from Russell and the mother called Gladys is called Taponeswa. Meanwhile, Stanley, is still posted outside the country in what many see as involuntary diplomatic service.
Grace Mugabe with daughter Bona
"Amai (Grace) is the one who really fasttracked the wedding," said a senior official at ZAOGA. "She wanted her daughter to wed before anything happens to Baba (Mugabe). Bona herself is understood to have opted to wait, a year or two to pursue her career, but Amai said it was not urgent and she needed to get married in early 2014. We also know that, she has revealed to Bona's mother-in-law, who is one of our reverends, to pray for their home to be blessed with a child as soon as they get married, 'nekuti tamirira muzukuru akakosha' (We are now awaiting for a special grandchild)."
Not everyone who courted Bona, has ended up being lucky like Chikore. The merciless Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents, have previously pounced on other young men who attempted to win her heart. One such grapevine example refusing to die out, is a theory about the son of a very popular Zimbabwean and African artist, whom the rumor mill maintains could have lost his life, by refusing to "back off" from Bona.
Intelligence briefings this week, are all but indicating that Bona's husband himself could potentially be an operative of Mugabe's feared spy agency, as it is almost impossible for an ordinary man to become so close to the first family, unless they have secret service links, our informants have said.
Chikore who has been reported to be a qualified pilot, has of late experienced tough media scrutiny, with some foreign media houses insisting that, he may not be a pilot after all. It had earlier on been on record that Chikore is a pilot, possibly for Emirates or Qatar Airways. However, reports from London say both airlines denied that Chikore is an employee there. Moreover, people in the aviation industry in southern Africa "have never heard of" Chikore.
Bona's wedding our sources pointed out that, is remniscent of Mugabe's own to Grace in 1992. Mugabe also leap-frogged his second marriage, which took place soon after the death of his first wife Sally. The country's former beloved first lady died from kidney failure.
Mugabe recently made shocking revelations in a frank interview with South African broadcaster Dally Tambo for his People of the South series, showing how he was under pressure to marry Grace and make love to her, because her mother also called Bona wanted to see her grandchild before death.
"After Sally was gone it was necessary for me to look for someone and, even as Sally was still going through her last few days, although it might have appeared to some as cruel, I said to myself well, it's not just myself needing children, my mother has all the time said, ah, am I going to die without seeing grandchildren,?" said Mugabe last year.
"So I decided to make love to her. She happened to be one of the nearest and she was a divorcee herself, and so it was. We got our first child when my mother was still alive."
Mugabe seems to love and favour Bona of all his children, and describes her as "very obedient" and "absolutely trustworthy".
Source: The Telescope News

Married woman cheats with a policeman !!!

Roseline Matinha
A Chitungwiza man is heart broken after his wife of four years ditched him for a married policeman.

Charles Chakaduka got the shock of his life after discovering intimate photographs of his wife Roseline Matinha (PICTURED), a flea market trader at Makoni Shopping centre and his lover identified as Tinomudaishe Shumba, a cop stationed at Chitungwiza Police Station.

To add salt to injury, Roseline had told Charles that Tinomudaishe was her uncle after she saved his picture as her WhatsApp profile photo. The policeman said he once dated Roseline but broke up with her after he discovered that she was a married woman.

Roseline, however, denied the claims, saying she is just a close friend of Tinomudaishe who knows all her "secrets" and supposedly 'secret parts' as well. The woman said she has been bleeding for the past six months, which makes it impossible for her to have s*x with any man, she claims.

Reports are that Roseline moved out of Charles' house allegedly to move in with the cop. The cheated man said he had been hearing it from the grapevine untilWednesday when he chatted with the policeman on the phone.

"I have been hearing rumours that my wife was having an affair . last week she did not sleep at home saying she was at her sister's place. I called her sister but she said Rose was not there. She came home the following morning and we clashed over where she had slept. She had been bleeding for six months and I queried the rare type of 'illness' and suspected that she might have been 'sorted' using juju (runyoka)," said Charles (PICTURED).
"She then left home saying she no longer loved me. I called her father who suggested that we visit her grandmother but she would not take any of it," he added.

Charles eventually managed to get the phone number of Tinomudaishe's wife who then promised to give him photos of Roseline and Tinomudaishe being intimate.

"She (the cop's wife) started crying on the phone and said she had a memory card with photos of the two and I went and met her. I was given the memory card with all the photos," he said.

The memory card contained some nude pictures of people in s*xual activity.

Shumba's wife identified as Tinotenda Langton, confirmed the illicit affair saying her husband is no longer coming home.

"My husband is not coming home everyday and I heard that he is staying with Rose in Chitungwiza. I am pregnant but he is no longer taking care of me. He is a police officer stationed at Chitungwiza Police Station. I discovered that he is cheating on me when I saw his photos with that woman (Rose). I then saw their WhatsApp conversation and later phoned Rose and she said she was my husband's other wife. In some of the photos they are both naked," she said.

Shumba was furious when he heard that this publication was now aware of his shenanigans. He denied that he is a policeman and claimed to be a hwindi (tout) and a Makoni rank, despite his wife's confirmation. If indeed he is not a policeman then he would be in trouble for masquerading as a police officer. He also denied being Tinotenda's husband.

"Uya uya haasi kmukadzi wangu, munhu wandakangomitisawo zvangu," he said.

Rose blasted her husband for being poor.

"Haana kana chaanacho. (He is so poor). he did not even pay lobola. He was just bothering me," said Rose.

Source: MyZimbabwe

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shock as estranged wife reappeared from the blues after 2 years of separation !!!

A MUTARE man received the shock of his life recently after his estranged wife reappeared from the blues after two years of separation claiming $300 maintenance from him.

Agnes Mutambaweshiri appeared at Mutare Civil Courts applying for $300 per month for her own maintenance from Charles Chibvongodze.

In her affidavit, she stated that she wanted to use the money to buy groceries, pay medical, water and electricity bills, transport and rent, among other things.

The estranged couple was married in a civil union in 1984 and was blessed with two children who are now majors before differences got the better of them in October 2011.

Agnes allegedly went away with all their matrimonial property, leaving Chibvongodze literally destitute.

Chibvongodze in his affidavit stated that Agnes had been “constantly and persistently undermining my authority as the head of the family” to the extent that the parties were no longer “having any spark of love towards each other”.

He claimed that Agnes had been a bad influence to their two children and were taking “sides in the matter involving their parents”.

“On October 31 2011, the respondent decided to desert our matrimonial home. The respondent took all property in the house including kitchen utensils without my consent.

“The goods were forcibly taken from me. Respondent collected the goods in the company of my two children and another person who is not known to me and serious threats were being made against me.

“Respondent and those that were with her loaded the goods into a truck while threatening to assault me, making threats of harm using undisclosed means, scolding me that I was not man enough and all unimaginable utterances were being the order of the day. Fearing for my life I left the respondent to do as she pleased,” said Chibvongodze.

He told The Weekender that he was no longer willing to have Agnes as his wife again because he had suffered enough.

“We have been receiving counselling from the police at Chikanga to no avail,” he said.

The court case was postponed to a later date.

Source: Manica Post

Shock as Pastor orders female congregants to come to church without P@nties & Br@s for Christ to "enter"

There are  reports of a Kenyan pastor who has ordered all female congregants to go to the church 'free' - That is without bras and panties for Christ to enter their lives.

According to kenyan-post.com, Reverend Njohi of the Lord's Propeller Redemption Church in Nairobi reportedly advised female worshippers against wearing any undergarments to the church, calling them ungodly.

In a meeting chaired by him, a law was passed banning the wearing of inner wears. Njohi claims that when going to church, people need to be free in 'body' and 'spirit' to receive Christ.

He went ahead to warn members of dire consequences if they secretly put on their inner wears. A member of the church who pleaded anonymity said at last Sunday's service, women dressed as the pastor had ordered without bras and panties.

Mothers were also advised to do same and check their daughters when coming to church on Sundays so as to receive Christ too.

Source: The Kenyan Daily Post

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Masvingo Man tripped his own mother, unzipped his trousers & tried to rape her !!!

A S*X-starved Masvingo man allegedly grabbed his unsuspecting 63-year-old mother and attempted to rape her.  The mother had to scream for help forcing the son-turned rapist to flea. The shameful suspect, 44 reportedly sneaked into a kitchen where his mother was,pretending he wanted to light a cigarette.
Yesterday the accused appeared before Masvingo regional magistrate Langton Ndokera  facing charges of attempted rape. He pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody to Friday.
Prosecuting, Fidelicy Nyamunkondiwa said on February, 3, 2014 at around 3PM the man, who  has two previous convictions involving theft and indecent assault, entered the kitchen hut at his brother’s homestead and found his mother inside.
He allegedly pretended he wanted to light a cigarette before tripping the mother to the ground and then sat on her.
He thereafter allegedly unzipped his pair of trousers and   attempted to rape the old woman. The woman screamed for help  forcing  him to storm out of the hut and flea. The woman then went to a nearby homestead where she narrated her ordeal while waiting for her elder son’s return from work.
When the elder son arrived, the mother  reported the attempted rape after which he phoned his brother in Guruve, Mashonaland Central province.
The son in Guruve suggested that the matter be solved at family level and the mother agreed.
However, on February, 7, 2014 the woman decided to report the matter to Mashenjere Police Base leading to the man’s arrest.
Source: Chronicle

Latest on the Pastor who got stabbed while bonking his girlfriend in the car !!!

The bloody interior of a vehicle in which the pastor was allegedly stabbed while having s*x with his girlfriend
A BULAWAYO man thought to be a pastor survived a Valentine’s Day knife attack while romping with a mystery woman in his car, police said. Married Douglas Mazengedza was getting frisky with the woman in a Toyota Fortuner vehicle parked near Centenary Park at dusk when robbers broke the window, stabbed him and demanded cash at knife-point.
Bleeding from two stab wounds on his back, he handed over cash and a cellphone before his attackers — believed to have been two — disappeared into the dark.
Bulawayo police spokesman Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo said: “We’re investigating a case in which a Bulawayo man was attacked by unknown people who robbed him of a cellphone and cash. We are yet to make arrests.”
Police sources last night told Chronicle that Mazengedza and his female companion had turned up at the Bulawayo Central Police Station to file a report.
But in a final twist to the drama, the woman suddenly bolted out of the station, saying she did not want to be identified.
Mazengedza, meanwhile, later tried to convince the police to close his crime report.
Police found black ladies’ panties and red male underwear in the car.
A source said: “He’s lucky the thugs didn’t rape his girlfriend. He went to UBH (United Bulawayo Hospitals) after the attack at about 7PM and was treated and discharged the same day.
“In a state of panic, he went on to make a police report which he later seemed to regret when he realised that the story could become public. He begged officers to tear up the docket or to change the date of the report to February 3.
“I think he was trying to hide the fact that he was robbed on Valentine’s Day. It was then that the woman fled.”
Last night, Mazengedza told Chronicle: “I don’t want to talk to you because I know who sent you. You want to spread lies and tarnish my name.”
He is believed to have misled his wife about the events that led to his assault. He told her he had been robbed and stabbed while walking from North End suburb, in broad daylight.
Last year, police said there was an increase in the number of people who get robbed while having s*x in motor vehicles at secluded spots on the outskirts of the Central Business District.
In several reported cases, the robbers would rape the women before escaping with valuables.
Source: Chronicle

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Breaking News: Pastor stabbed while bonking his girlfriend in the car !!!

Shoes and System Tazvita CD found in the car
A man suspected to be a pastor was reportedly stabbed last night near Centenery Park while having s*x with his girlfriend, while playing System Tazvita.

The two victims are said to have been admitted at UBH but the man was later transferred to Metadai Hospital.

Radio Dialogue informed Bulawayo24 News that the car involved is a Toyota Fortuner with the registration number ABD 2555 and allegedly belongs to one DR Ndebele.

It has been taken to the central police station by CID Homicide.

The attackers apparently hit the front window and then stabbed the man whose identity has not yet been confirmed.

The police found black ladies panties and red male underwear in the car.

It is unknown which church the man belongs to.

More to follow...

Source: Byo24news

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Man returned home, found his wife cheating with a herdboy & he cracked open the herdboy's skull, spilling all his brains !!!

The murder accused’s aunt Sibongile Maphosa
A MAN who returned home to find his wife romping with his neighbour’s herdboy has been charged with murder after killing his love rival with a spear.Frank Ncube, 34, of Pioneer Village 3 in Fort Rixon, got off the handle after walking in on the two in his bedroom hut.
He picked up a spear and drove it through Ndabezinhle Sibanda’s head, killing him instantly. Love cheat Catherine Dope, 22, fled in terror and hid in a maize field.
Neighbours said Ncube and Dope’s two-year-old son witnessed last Wednesday’s murder. Frank’s aunt, Sibongile Maphosa, 43, was the first to arrive at the scene.
She told Chronicle: “Frank arrived home from Bulawayo where he worked and knocked on the door of his bedroom hut. There was no response and he could only hear voices coming out of the candle-lit room.
“He became suspicious and kicked the door open and found his naked wife in bed with Ndabezinhle and their two year-old son.”
Livid, Ncube picked up a spear and two knobkerries. He struck Sibanda twice on the forehead with a knobkerrie.
As the victim lay helplessly on the floor, he drove the spear through his head. After the grisly killing, Ncube went to his uncle, Mhlabeni Sibanda’s homestead and told him what he had just done.
His uncle explained: “He came rushing to my home and told me that he had killed his neighbour’s herdboy after he found him in bed with his wife.
“We then quickly went to the scene and we found the victim lying in a pool of blood. The blood-stained spear and knobkerries were next to the body. It was such a horrific sight. The eyes were plucked out and the spear had pierced through the skull, cracking it open, and brains were spilling.”
Sibanda informed neighbours and members of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee. Fort Rixon police, who were called to the scene, said they had no transport and only arrived the following day and arrested Ncube.
The village secretary, Vusa Zinjiba, said: “We immediately held a meeting with villagers over the issue. We had never witnessed such a gruesome murder in our village and everyone is really shocked.
“In fact, the couple had a long-standing domestic feud which emanated from an adulterous affair between Catherine and Ndabezinhle.
“We had on several occasions warned the two following complainants by Ncube but sadly they continued with their illicit affair, which subsequently led to this unfortunate incident.”
Ndabezinhle was buried on Sunday at the same village. Ncube appeared in court on Monday facing a murder charge and was remanded in custody to February 24. He indicated he would plead guilty when his trial starts at the High Court.
Source: Chronicle

Woman sets self ablaze and she is battling for life at a hospital (Viewer Discretion is advised) !!!

A PUMULA SOUTH woman is battling for her life at Mpilo Central Hospital after setting herself ablaze last week following an undisclosed misunderstanding with her husband.
Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo confirmed the incident saying it happened on Thursday morning at around 6am.
“I can confirm that we received a report of a Pumula South woman who poured paraffin all over her body before setting herself ablaze,” he said.
It was reported that the women had a misunderstanding with her husband, who is a soldier, and a fight broke out between the two.
The woman then rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of paraffin and poured it all over her body and then set herself ablaze.
Her husband managed to put out the fire with the help of neighbours, but she had suffered severe first degree burns.
An ambulance was called and took her to hospital.
Source: Southern Eye

O levels Results Out but 680 candidates’ results withheld !!!

Some 680 candidates from nine secondary schools in Midlands linked to alleged leaking of examination question papers last year will not get their Ordinary Level results as investigations continue.The papers that leaked were for Geography and Integrated Science.

At a media conference yesterday, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora said, “Following the case of the Manunure teacher’s case who was involved in the alleged leak of the Geography and Integrated Science question papers, the results of up to 680 candidates  were embargoed to allow for further investigations to take place.”
The centres are Marathon Academy, Mbizo, Manunure, Amaveni, Globe and Phoenix, Kwekwe, Mambo, Zesa Munyati and Chituripasi secondary schools.  In November 2013, a Zimsec official said they would only decide whether or not to re-set the papers after investigations.
Geography Paper 2 and Integrated Science Paper 2 are believed to have leaked, affecting at least six secondary schools in Gweru and Kwekwe.
A school head at Njeremoto Secondary in Sesombe Resettlement area in Zhombe, Vimbai Manaka (39), and five teachers from different schools in Kwekwe Urban and Gweru were arrested.

How police tracked down the 3 men who robbed Oliver Mutukudzi's wife (Usadherere Magondo) !!!!

The trial of three men suspected to have robbed Daisy Mtukudzi of her handbag and stealing cash and valuables worth US$3 000 continued yesterday with the State calling the investigating officer. Marlyin Maposa (26) of No. 8656 Kuwadzana 5 in Harare, GoodbyeChinguwa (29) of 13555 Unit N in Chitungwiza and Fungai Chitawa (43) of No. 2058 Overspill in Epworth are facing robbery charges.
The trio appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Arnold Maburo and are denying the charges.
Detective Assistant Inspector Tonderai Mumanikidzwa told the court that he received information that some criminals were using a taxi to ferry them to crime scenes.
“Acting on the information on February 7 around 7pm we spotted Chinguwa and Chitawa boarding a taxi.
“We arrested them and recovered a spark plug tied to a black electric cable from Chitawa. Upon being interviewed, Chinguwa implicated Maposa as the person who had sold (Mrs Mtukudzi’s)  cellphone,” he said.
Det Asst Insp Mumanikidzwa said Chinguwa voluntarily led police to No. 29, 4th Street in Mbare where Mrs Mtukudzi’s Samsung Galaxy S3 was recovered.
“We managed to obtain a call history from Maposa’s mobile phone service provider and discovered that barely two hours after the crime, he started calling the buyer,” he said.
Mr Chakurira told the court that on February 4, the trio hatched a plan to steal from motorists at the intersection of Masotsha Ndlovu Way and Simon Mazorodze Road in Harare.
In connivance the trio made a weapon out of old spark plugs and at 8pm they proceeded to the intersection and laid an ambush.
Maposa, armed with the weapon, allegedly rushed to the car and smashed the front passenger window and grabbed Mrs Mtukudzi’s cream handbag which was on the passenger seat. while Chinguwa and Chitawa kept surveillance.
Mrs Mtukudzi’s handbag contained a Samsung Galaxy S3, US$1 200, national identity card, driver’s licence, bank cards and keys.
The trio allegedly disappeared in the darkness and later shared the loot.
The court heard that Mtukudzi’s cream handbag was left at the scene. The matter was reported at Waterfalls police station.
Investigations lead to the arrest of the trio and recovery of the used weapon. The three voluntarily led to the recovery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which they had allegedly sold.
The value of the stolen goods was pegged at US$3 000 and only US$1 800 was recovered.
Source: Herald

Monday, February 10, 2014

'Sugar mummy' beat the hell out of her youthful boyfriend when she caught him red-handed trying to share his "sausage" with another lover

Mai Rari
A JEALOUS Bulawayo woman clobbered her youthful boyfriend and his alleged lover in full glare of members of the public yesterday after she found the two in her car.Witnesses said the woman, only identified as Mai Rari, could not stand the sight of her boyfriend named Million with another woman in her Isuzu single cab.
She immediately pounced on the two love birds when Million parked the vehicle outside her shop along 10th Avenue between Fort Street and Herbert Chitepo Street.
“She assaulted the two with fists and open hands accusing Million of cheating on her,” said a witness. “Members of the public had to intervene and restrain her after she overpowered the couple.”
Another witness Daniel Madega said the possessive Mai Rari went berserk when she saw Million driving her car with another lady.
“She accused him of cheating and demanded answers as to what the other woman was doing in her car. She beat up the woman and threw her groceries out,” he said.
When a Chronicle news crew rushed to the scene around midday, the couple had been whisked to Bulawayo Central Police Station.
The news crew later caught up with Mai Rari and Million at the shop  while still arguing over the issue.
Mai Rari, who looked years older than her “youthful husband” was heard demanding answers from him.
“I’m working hard to provide you everything and you are wasting my money on your girlfriends, buying them groceries.  Let’s close this shop now and look for your girlfriend because the issue is not over yet,” she threatened.
Million tried to calm her down while busy serving customers but she kept shouting. Mai Rari turned hostile and charged at this reporter as she refused to comment on the matter.
“What do you want? Get out of my office I will beat you up. There is nothing we are going to tell you. Ndokutema nematombo (I will hit you with stones),” she said.
The news crew could not speak to Million who remained indoors and watched from a distance. The alleged lover could not be traced while police could not comment on the issue.
Source: Herald

Pastor cheated with a married woman & infected her with an STD !!!

Ennah Mukwena
A pastor with Christ Embassy Church in Mutare is alleged to have cheated with a married woman, Ennah Mukwena before allegedly infecting her with a s*xually transmitted disease which she in turn passed on to her husband Fungai Mukwena (32).

The pastor's wife told him that the pastor was having an affair an affair with his wife.

"In mid-November, I was invited on Facebook by the church leader's wife. She sent me a message saying my wife was in love with her husband.

"She said they had fought in the church leader's office. My wife's phone was broken and the marriage ring was taken by the church leader's wife.

"I was in Johannesburg when this was happening . . . My wife admitted that it was true that she was in love with the church leader," he said.

After fighting for the pastor in the church office, the pastor's wife reportedly agreed to visit Fungai's place of residence and apologise.

It is also reported that the Pastor and Fungai's wife were once lovers before Fungai and Ennah got married.

When reached for comment, the Christ Embassy pastor also confirmed that he was madly in love with Ennah before she got married.

"Before they got married she was my girlfriend. Kana makambodanana hamutadzi kuita mafriends (ex-lovers will always be friends). We usually communicate when doing business since I am a businessman and work for myself. I do not know where the grudge is coming from. I realised that she was double crossing us before I left her," he said.

However the pastor claimed that he was not cheating with Ennah.

"She is just a friend. We are not lovers. I respect her as a married woman. I advised him to go to the courts and sue me if he has any evidence and I am waiting for that. We will meet in court," he added.
Fungai said his seven-year marriage with Ennah has irretrievably broken down and he has since lost all the love he had for her.

"My love for her is dead. I can't think twice on this. This is clear betrayal. I sent Ennah to Midlands State University in 2006 and I contributed immensely to who she is now," he said. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Traffic Police officer swallowed a $10 note given to her as bribe at a roadblock in a bid to evade arrest !!!!

A TRAFFIC police officer manning a roadblock in Gweru swallowed a $10 note allegedly given to her as a bribe at a roadblock in a bid to evade arrest by an anti-corruption team. The female officer was busted on Wednesday with six of her colleagues who were manning roadblocks at various points in Gweru by a team from the police anti-corruption unit.
They are accused of corruptly executing their duties.
The seven were allegedly found in possession of various amounts of money.
According to police regulations, officers should declare all their valuables including cash before they are deployed on duty.
The female police officer, who was part of a team manning a roadblock along the City-Bristol Road, was allegedly forced to throw up the $10 note that she had swallowed.
The arrest of the police officers triggered widespread panic among their colleagues in the Midlands capital as they sprung into hyper-action arresting a number of motorists who had their vehicles impounded for flouting road traffic regulations.
A source in the police told Chronicle:
“On Wednesday, a team from the police anti-corruption team descended on Gweru and arrested seven police officers who were found with cash on them. The arrest of the police officers came with a price because police manning roadblocks within the vicinity of the city of Gweru have been impounding all cars found to be flouting road traffic regulations. Even those who committed offences that are often settled by the paying of a fine had their cars impounded.”
The source said there was a public outcry as motorists expressed displeasure at the police action.
The seven traffic police officers suspects, the source said, were supposed to have appeared before a police disciplinary hearing by yesterday.
“They are failing to get a criminal charge which could be preferred on these police officers but they will be charged under the Police Act. The only police officer who has since been charged with a criminal offence is the one who tried to destroy the exhibit by swallowing the $10 which she had.
“A criminal docket against her has been opened because she even tried to flee from the roadblock along Bristol Road when the police anti-corruption team arrived at the scene,” said the source.
Deputy Officer commanding police in the Midlands province, Assistant Commissioner Learn Ncube confirmed the arrests but declined to comment further on the incident.
Said Asst Comm Ncube: “We have an operation which is meant to weed out all vehicles without plates or those flouting other road traffic rules. We have had many robberies where suspects get away with unregistered vehicles. Those police officers whom you are referring to were arrested under the same operation. Talk to our Provincial spokesperson Inspector (Emmanuel) Mahoko he will give you all the information,” he said.
Inspector Mahoko declined to comment referring this reporter to the national police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi who could not be contacted for comment yesterday.
Source: Chronicle

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