Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Secondary school teacher in Mudzi was caught red-handed having S*X with a form three pupil he teaches

A secondary school graduate teacher was caught red handed in the middle of the night bedding a form three pupil he teaches. The incident happened last Friday at one of the Secondary Schools in Mudzi District near Nyamapanda.

The two who are now living together took advantage of an all night church meeting at the nearby primary school to quench their s*xual appetites in the creche building some few metres from the church meeting’s venue.
The 16-year-old Muzezuru Secondary School girl who was on numerous occasions warned about the affair was tracked by his brother who was also attending the church after smelling a rat when he saw his sister disappear for a lengthy period.
He went to the creche building with a friend and the two were shocked to see the two lovebirds in the middle of the act. The sister was stark naked and the teacher escaped while the brother gave his sister a thorough beating.
The girl was taken to their father who wasted no time and surrendered her to the church officials. The church gathering was abruptly ended and the church leaders strongly castigated the ungodly and shameful act.
The church was left with no option but to handover the girl to the schools senior lady who is a church elder to take her to the teacher’s house. So the two are now living together at the school’s teacher’s quarters.
The two are said to have been questioned and warned about their affair which they strongly refuted ever existed. They were made to write reports. The same girl was once punished for fighting with another pupil over the same teacher.
Source: NehandaRadio

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