Thursday, December 19, 2013

Norton woman demanding US$10 000 from her boyfriend after he broke her virginity when they had S*X in the bush

Kudakwashe Ticharwa
A Norton woman yesterday brought her former boyfriend to court demanding US$10 000 as compensation after the man allegedly deflowered her and later reneged on a promise to marry her. Mercy Mukoyi took Kudakwashe Ticharwa to the Harare Magistrates’ Civil Courts to claim US$6 000 for the seduction and US$4 000 for failure to marry her as allegedly promised.
“I want a total of US$10 000 from this man because he promised to marry me if we had s*x.
“We managed to have s*x in the bush after he forced me. I obliged to his advances and the promises he made to me.
“I trusted what he told me before we had s*x several times and at one time I lay on top of the brown T-shirt he is wearing in this court.
“He ruined my life with his false promises and I deserve the money I am asking,” said Mukoyi.
She said when she realised she was pregnant, she eloped to Ticharwa’s home but had a miscarriage after he assaulted her.
Ticharwa dismissed allegations that he deflowered Mukayi.
“How can she say she was a virgin on the day we had s*x when she quickly (agreed to have s*x with me)? I did not promise her anything and we dated like normal people do.
“We separated not knowing she would fabricate a case against me and come to this court to claim this kind of money.”
Ticharwa said he was unable to pay the money demanded by Mukayi.
Magistrate Ms Vongai Muchuchuti dismissed Mukoyi’s application saying she failed to prove that she was raped
Source: herald

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