Monday, December 30, 2013

Harare man bashed his wife severely after catching her red-handed enjoying S*X with her boyfriend in their matrimonial bedroom

A Harare man bashed his wife severely after catching her red-handed enjoying s*x with another man in their matrimonial bedroom.
Learnmore Matore (38) of House No. 2011 Glen Norah A did not welcome his wife conduct and he turned violent leaving the wife with some visible bruises. Learnmore turned his ‘cheating’ wife Polite Chikanda (37) into a punching bag, as punishment for ‘sampling’ other men’s s*xual bananas.
The cheated man was however, dragged before Mbare magistrate Anita Tshuma charged with physical abuse. He came clean and pleaded guilty to the charge before being ordered to pay a fine of US$50 with an option os spending 20 days in prison.
The cheating Polite told the court that she was sleeping with another man since she was no longer interested in her husband. State counsel Fanuel Madanire proved it that on 7 December, at around 8pm, Polite was in her bedroom where she was enjoying s*x with a boyfriend who was identified as Frank Mutumwe.
The State had it that the unsuspecting Learnmore entered the room where he found his own wive gently screaming and groaning in s*xual pleasure. The 38-year-old man could not stomach seeing another man’s ‘black mamba’ feasting on his wife’s ‘honey jar’. He is said to have turned violent and thoroughly bashed his naked wife as the boyfriend watched in horror.
The State alleges that the woman sustained visible injuries after being given a beating of her life by her angry husband. A medical affidavit was produced in court as evidence
Source: iharare

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