Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bulawayo woman persistently beats up her husband beacuse he doesn't want to have S*X with her

Khumbulani Mlauzi and Nokuthaba Sibanda leave court
HELL hath no fury like a s*xually starved woman! A Bulawayo woman shocked the courts yesterday when she alleged that s*xual starvation was the reason she persistently beats up her husband. Nokuthaba Sibanda told magistrate Victor Mpofu that her husband was not only denying her conjugal rights but also economically abusing her hence the need to claim maintenance.
Her husband Khumbulani Mlauzi however could not accept the claim as he accused her of being an abusive stepmother who had forced his 13-year-old son out of their Nkulumane home.
“Your worship I am now failing to share intimacy with this man because every time I touch him, he accuses me of trying to rape him. As you can see my arm is bandaged due to injuries I sustained in November when we were fighting,” said Sibanda.
She added: “I am living with my friend because this man is starving me. There is no food in the house and I cannot remember the last time he was home as      he normally disappears only to reappear after a few days.”
In an emotional response Mlauzi rubbished the allegations arguing that Sibanda had on many occasions ill-treated his son.
“Your worship, I am failing to live with this woman because she is abusive. At one time my child was picked up by police officers as he fled home following physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by her,” he charged.
Mlauzi added: “I have also tasted her bitter cup because she assaults me over minor mistakes. The broken hand is her doing sir and I cannot be blamed because I was the one being assaulted that day. I have filed reports at Tshabalala Police Station to this effect.”
He added that Sibanda once poured hot water over him as protest after the couple had had a misunderstanding.
“I used to love this woman but I cannot live with her anymore. She is abusive to my son and I wonder why she is seeking for an order to have me pay for her personal upkeep as my son is now staying with my mother.”
Magistrate Mpofu, however, ordered Mlauzi to pay $70 for the welfare of his wife with effect from this month-end.
Source: chronicle

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