Friday, December 27, 2013

Bulawayo woman killed her husband after he revealed that he had a child out of wedlock

Elizabeth Mbulayi
Elizabeth Mbulayi
A Nketa 8 woman yesterday allegedly stabbed her husband to death using a kitchen knife after accusing him of cheating on her.
The woman, Elizabeth Mbulayi whose age could not be ascertained allegedly killed her husband Simbarashe Denhere, 28, in cold blood in the early hours of yesterday after he revealed to his family that he had a child out of wedlock.
A postmortem report revealed that Denhere, a kombi driver plying the Bulawayo-Harare route, lost about two litres of blood, as he bled to death.
Denhere’s brothers Mandela Denhere and Josiah Chiwawa said their brother was having a problem with his wife as she could not  conceive.
“They had been married since 2008 and his wife could not have a baby and this created friction between them. Simba ended up having a relationship with another woman who recently bore him a child,” said Denhere.
He said on the night leading to his death, his brother and Mbulayi came to their home in Nkulumane with groceries for his mother but there was no one at home.
“He called me and told me that he had put groceries through a window as there was no one in the house. Later they came home and had a discussion with my mother behind closed doors. They told me that what they were discussing had nothing to do with me,” he said.
Denhere said he later walked them out as they left for their house in Nketa.
“I do not know what transpired later. However, I think my brother’s wife was having an affair with someone who is also a tenant at the house they are renting.
“What surprises me is what he was doing in my brother’s room in the early hours of the morning. He was inside when my brother was killed. He did not even call other tenants to assist him quell the violence and even worse he was also locked in the same room they were in,” said Denhere.
A tenant who stays in the same house said she woke up when she heard a loud scream at about 3am in the morning.
“I woke up to check what was happening when I heard a loud scream. I rushed to call other tenants who use the front door,” said Farai Moyo.
When the door was finally opened, the man suspected to be Mbulayi’s boyfriend allegedly carried a bloody Simbarashe Denhere on his shoulder hoping to get him to a medical service provider at Nketa. He could not be interviewed as neighbours said he was at work.
“Unfortunately, my brother had lost too much blood already. He did not make it. The postmortem report we got from the doctor said he died because of loss of blood. The doctor said he lost about two litres of blood,” said Chiwawa.
Mbulayi was arrested and taken to Tshabalala Police Station.
Police spokesperson for Bulawayo Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo confirmed the murder.
“I can confirm that we are holding a woman by the name Elizabeth Mbulayi, on allegations of murder. She is assisting police with investigations,” said Insp Moyo.
He said Denhere’s death could have been prevented.
“We discourage people from using violence in solving disputes and this death could have been avoided,” he said.
Source: Chronicle

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