Monday, December 16, 2013

Botched wedding resumes as the bride committed herself to paying maintenance on behalf of her fiance & the couple finally tied the knot

The South Africa-based couple whose secret wedding was abandoned on Saturday after the groom’s ex-wife pitched up with his two-year-old son and objected to the marriage finally tied the knot on Sunday after the bride committed herself to paying maintenance on behalf of her fiancĂ©.
Movern Madhende, who was in police holding cells for contempt of court for defaulting maintenance payments amounting to US$1 800 for the upkeep of his son, was released on Sunday afternoon after his relatives paid part of the money to his ex-wife Ms Rumbidzai Chipuma.
The bride, Ms Rejoice Machingambi, went on to commit herself to pay the remainder of the dues.
Madhende’s friend, Mr Trust Tryson Tasiyana, confirmed that the wedding proceeded on Sunday as soon as Madhende was released from custody.
“The wedding was held in Mkoba Village 9 high-density suburb and the two tied the knot,” he said. “This was after they were given the green light by Ms Chipuma when she was given part of the money.
“Madhende asked me to clear his name in the press because he has left for South Africa where he is supposed to report for (work) on Wednesday.”
Ms Chipuma said she had indeed received part of the money owed by Madhende.
“His wife also committed herself to paying maintenance on behalf of her husband. I agreed and he was released by the police.
“However, if they fail to honour their commitment, I will take remedial action.”
The couple’s wedding was originally scheduled for Saturday at Mpumalanga Lodge in Gweru but was abandoned when Ms Chipuma pitched up with the police to stop proceedings because the groom had abandoned her and their child.
Ms Chipuma took Madhende to court where he was ordered to pay US$100 per month for the upkeep of his child.
He defaulted for 18 months, resulting in the court ordering his immediate arrest.
Madhende was arrested just before he could exchange vows with his bride, who fainted when she saw her would-be husband in handcuffs.
Source: herald

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