Sunday, November 17, 2013

President Mugabe and his wife Grace celebrates their daughter Bona's graduation in Singapore

President Mugabe and Amai Grace Mugabe join their daughter Bona in celebrating her graduation with a Master of Science Management (Banking and Finance) at Fairmont Hotel in Singapore yesterday. 
Bona Mugabe yesterday added another jewel to her already glittering crown when she graduated with a Master of Science in Management degree specialising in Banking and Finance from the
Management Development Institute of Singapore.

The First Daughter was among a total of 245 students who graduated with undergraduate and master’s degrees in Banking and Investment Management, Entrepreneurship and Management, Banking and Investment Management, Banking and Finance and Health Care Management which are offered by the institution in conjunction with the University of Wales.

Speaking on the sidelines of the graduation ceremony held at Fairmont Hotel, President Mugabe hailed Bona’s achievement highlighting that she has a passion for education.

“Before she came here, Bona graduated at the State University of Hong Kong. She was attached to KPMG Accounting firm in Harare where she worked for six months. For one to be a chartered accountant you have to stay much longer at the firm you are attached at, but she wanted to have a master’s degree. She managed to identify the university which was best for her and she chose this university here.

“She liked her education so much. She is a patient and well behaved girl. We are proud and happy for her achievement,” he said.

First Lady Amai Mugabe could not hide her joy when her daughter’s name was called out with her ululation filling the whole room.

In a separate interview an excited Bona explained why she settled for banking.
“Having a master’s degree is just a tool to equip you with the knowledge. It doesn’t mean that you can step into the world like that. You still need to get work experience and advance more. It is a tool of knowledge.

“I opted for banking and finance because when I did my internship with CBZ it was much more interesting than accounting and I decided to pursue it,” she said.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe disclosed that Zimbabwe is seriously considering sponsoring students to study management at the Management Development Institute of Singapore.

“We have been sending students to South Africa, Latin America, Malaysia, Thailand and some other countries, but we are looking at sponsoring some students to come and do management here at MDIS. This is very important.

“Singapore is one of the countries leading in education, technology, development and financial management. Banks are centered here. “Its population is small, but it is big intellectually, economically and technologically and we should tap on its experiences. We have been sponsoring students to study in other countries and our coming here has opened our eyes much more and we will further explore the idea of sending students here to study management. Education here is taken very seriously by the government and the people of Singapore,” said President Mugabe.

The Head of State and Government as well as Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces noted that a country cannot develop if it does not have a sound educational base.

“It does not matter which sector, be it economic, agriculture, mining, manufacturing or commerce, you need people who are well educated.

“The base must be good and that is why Zimbabwe is a leader in education in Africa. Education is the most important aspect of our development in Zimbabwe,” he said.

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe and Singapore share almost a similar history of being former British colonies.

“We worked together well earlier on in the Commonwealth. When our daughter decided to come and study here, we knew that she was in good hands and we were happy.

“This enabled us to know that MDIS is a reputable institution linked to Wales.
“Zimbabwe and Singapore were all born out of the British colonialism so our systems are much alike. There are slight variations, modifications in the education systems are there, but basically our systems are the same,” he said.

Guest of honour at the graduation ceremony, Mr Edwin Tong Chun Fai, Member of Parliament for Moulmein-Kallang GRC, said the students were equipped with beneficial skills.

“The biggest challenge in your life is to remain relevant and employable. You should study continuously and this will open more doors for you in life,” he said.

After the graduation the First Family donated a stone sculpture depicting friendship and a wall clock engrossed on an Olive Tree root to the Management Development Institute of Singapore.

Source: The Sunday Mail

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