Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nemanwa woman catches husband red-handed having S*X with his late brother's wife

A 39-year-old woman from Nemanwa Growth Point, 25km south of Masvingo City got the shock of her life when she found her husband of 20 years in bed with his late brother’s wife. The incident that happened on Wednesday night has left tongues wagging in Masocha Village under Chief Shumba.
According to villagers, Mr Clever Chikoto (59)   was tracked down by his wife following his failure to return home from a beer drink.
The woman had heard about the husband’s affair with his late brother’s wife, for a long time.
“Chikoto did not come back home after he had gone to Nemanwa for a beer drink the previous day. His wife who had heard of her husband’s affair with his late brother’s wife tracked him to the woman, Ellen Charova’s homestead,” said a neighbour.
He said on reaching the homestead at about 4am, the woman knocked at the door but Ms Charova refused to open.
“When she knocked Charova refused to open because she had realised that it was her lover’s wife.
“She insisted that Chikoto was not in her house. The wife then forced open the door but the husband who was semi-naked hid behind the door with the heavily built Charova covering him with her body,” he said.
Another villager said the wife who carrying the torch threw the light to every corner but failed to locate her husband.
“When she was about to give up she suddenly saw a pair of legs protruding from behind the door. She forcibly elbowed Charova away before slapping her on the face. On realising that he had been seen, Chikoto pleaded for mercy as the wife was charging towards him threatening to assault him,” she said.
Contacted for comment the wife confirmed the incident but said they have since resolved the issue with her husband.
She, however, said the case was referred to the Chief’s court and a date has been set for the hearing. “While we have found each other with my husband, the case is yet to be heard before the Chief’s court. Sometime next week my husband and his girlfriend will stand before the Chief’s court,” she said.
The wife said she got wind of her husband’s extra marital affair for a long time but kept quiet. Mr Chikoto declined to comment when reached for a comment yesterday.
“I cannot comment about that, the case is yet to be heard before the Chief’s court. Who gave you my contact number?” asked Mr Chikoto before hanging his phone.
Efforts to contact the alleged girlfriend, Ms Charova were fruitless as her phone went unanswered.
Source: chronicle

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