Friday, November 8, 2013

Harare woman used her sister's national identity card to marry a soldier

Brenda Bara and Tawanda Saunyama Wedding
A daring 22-year-old Harare woman reportedly used her 27-year-old sister’s national identity card to wed her husband in a bid for the couple to be considered for a house that was being allocated at the husband’s workplace. Brenda Bara and her husband Tawanda Saunyama, a member of the Zimbabwe National Army based at Parachute Regiment, pleaded guilty to contravening section 35 of the Marriage Act.
Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe convicted the couple on their own plea of guilt.
Mr Mahwe sentenced them to a fine of US$100 each or 10 days in prison, the fine to be paid through the Clerk of Court on or before November 29.
They were ordered to return the marriage certificate to the Registrar of Marriages forthwith.
In mitigation, Brenda told the court that she didn’t have a national identity card when an opportunity of being allocated a house emerged at her husband’s workplace.
“We wanted to legalise our union in order to benefit from the housing scheme,” she said.
“We decided to get married hurriedly and I didn’t have a national identity card at that time. I thought there was no harm in using my sister’s.” Prosecutor Mr Oscar Madume told the court that sometime in May, Brenda visited her sister Norest at Juru growth point in Chikwaka where she asked for her national identity card.
Norest handed over her ID to her young sister not knowing the purpose she needed it for. On May 16, Brenda and her husband Saunyama wedded at the Harare magistrates’ court using Norest’s ID. After obtaining the marriage certificate, Brenda then decided to tell Norest about the issue, but this did not go down well with the older sister who proceeded to make a report to the police.
Source: Herald

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