Friday, November 1, 2013

Harare woman deliberately infected her husband with HIV & the furious husband wants to throw her in acid !!!

Gift Chihwanda
A Harare woman yesterday told the court that she was living in fear because her husband vowed to throw her in acid after accusing her of deliberately infecting him with HIV. Pamhidzai Chisanhu made the revelations at Harare Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against her husband Gift Chihwanda.
Pamhidzai Chisanhu
“Your Worship, I need the court’s protection because I am afraid something bad might happen to me. He threatened to kill me and said he would throw my body in acid because he accuses me of infecting him with HIV.
“When we got married, we never had the chance to get tested and I only got to know of his HIV status after he came saying he had tested positive,” said Chisanhu.
In his defence, Chihwanda told the court that he was infuriated with Chisanhu’s conduct after he disclosed his HIV status.
“She infected me with HIV and now does not care about how that affected me. We are living a miserable life and it is difficult for me to come to terms with everything.
“After I was tested, I confronted her relatives over the issue and it seems they do not take the matter seriously,” Chihwanda said. The magistrate Ms Rebecca Kavhiya ordered Chihwanda not to threaten Chisanhu with death.
Source: herald

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