Sunday, November 3, 2013

Epworth parents could not afford the burial expenses for their dead baby & they gave the body of their baby to an old woman who buried the baby in her backyard

Police in Epworth on Friday exhumed the body of a new-born baby who was buried in the yard of a house belonging to an unnamed old woman after her parents failed to arrange for a proper burial due to financial constraints. Harare Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tedius Chibanda confirmed the incident saying investigations were in progress to reveal the cause of the baby’s death.
“We received a report following an infant who was not properly buried in Jacha after the parents failed to arrange for a proper funeral due to financial constraints.
“We exhumed the infant’s body on Friday and took it to Harare Central Hospital for post mortem to clarify the cause of death,” he said.
According to reports gathered by police it is alleged that the baby died October 26 after a short illness and her mother and father looked for a wellwisher who could give them a place to bury their infant citing financial constraints for a proper burial.
It is reported that the infant’s parents later found an old woman who stays in Mbuya Nehanda Overspill who agreed to assist them.
It is alleged that Makumbe and her husband left the infant’s body with the old woman who then buried the baby in her yard.
The matter was investigated by a member of the neighbourhood watch who is a neighbour of the baby’s parents and he reported it to the police which led to the exhumation of the infant’s body.
Source: herald

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