Monday, November 4, 2013

"BaKim babe hide and seek haiite that is why ndazviburitsa so don’t beg me kutindisataure zvakawanda because ndazviburitsa," pole dancer Bev tells her married boyfriend Khama Billiat

Beverly Sibanda
Beverly Sibanda
RAUNCHY pole dancer Beverley “Bev” Sibanda has dared footballer Khama Billiat to come out in the open about their relationship and stop playing hide and seek with her. Using her WhatsApp status to taunt Billiat, Bev said she could not hold the secret anymore and asked him to let her speak openly about their relationship.
In the build-up to her public confession last week, Bev had for sometime been using Billiat’s picture, as her profile picture on WhatsApp.
Bev’s status read, “BaKim babe hide and seek haiite that is why ndazviburitsa so don’t beg me kutindisataure zvakawanda because ndazviburitsa (babe it’s difficult to keep our relationship under wraps. Don’t beg me not to talk about us, because I have spilled everything),” she said.
In an interview, on Star FM last week, Bev said she wanted everyone to know that the man in her life was Billiat so that other men could stop pestering her.
“Ari panyanga ikozvino ndiKhama Billiat (I am dating Khama Billiat),” said Bev.
Billiat is a 23-year-old Zimbabwean professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for South African Premier Soccer League club, Mamelodi Sundowns and the Zimbabwe national team.
He denied having an affair with Bev saying he is a happily married man and could not disrespect his wife.
“I am hurt, I do not know why she keeps nagging me like that,” Billiat said.
He said Bev made such claims before and he had told her to stop it but she was not heeding his call.
Bev insisted the relationship was on saying, “We are in love and his wife knows about it.”
Fans have taken to social network Facebook to voice their views on the relationship.
“Khama Billiat made the mistake of sleeping with a common woman. Now she is telling everyone who cares to listen that she and Khama are an item. Lesson: Thou shall not commit adultery,” said  Frank Moyo.
During the same interview with the radio station, Bev said she was a not as controversial as some people would want her to appear as she was a family friendly entertainer.
She said that was the reason why she was invited to perform at Tongai Moyo’s commemorations at Harare Gardens.
“It is wrong to categorise me with Zoey, I am a family entertainer and Zoey is an adult entertainer, we are different. I performed at Harare Gardens last week in front of both the old and the young,” she said.
Source: Chronicle

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