Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zimbabwe Nurses gets paid $250 per month and they are now fed up & can't take this anymore

NURSES have come up with a resolution proposing US$600 for the least-paid worker as negotiations for new salaries are set to begin with their employer. A position paper detailing their proposals has since been submitted to their employer – the Health Services Board – ahead of the negotiations expected any time soon.
Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina) president Mrs Regina Smith said yesterday the least paid junior sister is currently earning a paltry US$250, which she said was tantamount to an insult to the nursing profession.
“We have already submitted our position paper to our employer, the Health Services Board, but we are yet to engage in negotiations on the issues we raised,” said Mrs Smith.
She, however, could not divulge much information in their position paper saying they are yet to engage with their employer.
Mrs Smith said their hope is pinned on the incoming Health and Child Care Minister David Parirenyatwa and his deputy Dr Paul Chimedza.
“These are people who know our problem and we are hopeful that they will deliver their best when it comes to nurses salaries and conditions of service,” she said.
Zina is the sole professional association for nurses in Zimbabwe established in 1980. It embraces all nurses and midwifery sub-specialities and has more than 2 000 members.
Nurses interviewed said they deserved better remuneration and working conditions because they work long hours, overworked owing to the freezing of posts and sometimes work with inadequate resources.
They said as a result of the low salaries versus huge workload, most nurses especially those specialised in particular areas such as midwifery, intensive care unit and operating theatre continue to leave the country.
Source: Herald

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