Saturday, October 12, 2013

The wife of the late Tongai Dhewa Moyo wrote a letter to Tongai telling him how tough life has been since he passed away

Tongai Moyo
Darling Tongai,
My dear, life without you has not been the same. There are no words that can express how mother earth has turned out to be since you left.

I am happy, though, that you were able to say goodbye, and you were also able to warn me of the thorny road that the family would walk through.

I know you are keen to find out much more about our children, as you always loved them and always cared about them.

Peter is coping well with the music legacy you left him. Though he has faced many challenges, he has been able to rise to all occasions. We have had our fall-outs, but still, mwana, I have forgiven him and I have managed to find peace in life. But as you warned, a few days before you left us, he still needs to be careful when it comes to girls. It’s a pity that you, as the father, is not around to mentor him and teach him on this subject. I am very happy that he is looking after Chihera.

I have since moved out of the matrimonial home you left (in Msasa, Kwekwe) because I felt he would be able to look after the family better that way. There was no need for us to stay in the same house because you were no longer around. And besides, you know it is never easy when the husband of the family is not there.

Nyasha is doing fine. She has decided to do more schooling. I am sure she now has a good take on life. Your departure gave her an awakening since her provider was no longer there. I hope and pray that the Lord will grant all her wishes. She has just finished her exams and is in South Africa visiting her mom now. With you looking over her, she will grow wings to fly.

Turning to Obert (Tongai Jnr), my heart bleeds. I am sure he is one person who feels that the roof over his head has been removed. Last year we secured a boarding place for him to start his Form One.

He was happy and overjoyed, but his joy was cut short as he only managed to go there for only two terms and he was withdrawn and is now at Manunure School in Kwekwe as a day scholar. It’s quite clear the boy would have got a better education away from home but it became much more difficult to secure his school fees. Your friends Cosmas Daka, Mukuze, Manhanhanha, Mupfumi, Mukumba, Mutosvori and many others have been trying to look after the family, but as you know without you around, it ain’t easy.

Aunt Esther has been doing her best to raise Nicole and Tanaka. They are staying with Peter but they know in her they have a mother. They have also had to change school because of school fees constraints. We had a tough time trying to transfer them as the headmaster wanted outstanding fees for us to get the transfer letters. But they are doing fine now.

As for Natasha, I am with her. She also changed school. I couldn’t afford it anymore. But this is the greatest gift that you left me with and I promise I will look after it well. If only you were here with us we would be one big happy family.

There are so many people I know you want to hear about like Pedro, Adobe and the band members but I can’t say much right now. Shiga Shiga and Spencer left the band. They are assisting here and there but they are no longer with Utakataka.

The journey has not been easy but we have soldiered on.
Like you said, “vemapepa vakawanda dhiya wangu, vakanyora nezvako usaore moyo” so much has been written about me. I worry because there is little good of what I do and much more of bad. I have even been reported to be pregnant, surprisingly it is now over a year and I haven’t delivered the baby yet. Even the tummy is not ballooning. I just pray that whoever started that rumour finds peace with themselves.

I am soldiering on in faith, going to church. Pastor and Mai Keta have been doing well in counselling and strengthening me in faith. I have now grown in faith and have become 100 percent Christian.

This is what makes me miss you so much. Because in the last days we were going to church together. I wish you could be here with me. Tongai, I want to say that I miss you very much. This place is not the same when you are not around. You were a source of my comfort, and a pillar of my strength. I hope to meet in heaven, for I know that is where you are.

Till we meet again,


Source: Sundaymail

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