Monday, October 14, 2013

Operation Murambatsvina is back for the second time

Harare City Council will soon begin demolishing illegal structures that have mushroomed in most suburbs as part of efforts to restore its sunshine status, a senior official has said. Harare City Council business development director Mr Cosmas Zvikaramba said council wasdetermined to restore order.
“Given the rampant level of illegal activities and mushrooming of illegal structures, it is council’s intention to nip this in the bud. Firstly, the offenders are notified, penalised after which enforcement orders are issued.
Failure to observe the requirements will ultimately lead to demolition of such illegal structures. Council is going to embark on a city-wide blitz to sanitise illegal activities and perpetrators will not be spared,” Mr Zvikaramba said.
Because of the high demand for more land, illegal structures which include backyard industries and unsanctioned house extensions have been bedevilling the city in recent years.
Mr Zvikaramba said council was also issuing fines for illegal activities and structures.
The penalty charges which are in four categories, property tax, fixed water charge, sewerage charge and refuse are stipulated differently for high density and low density areas but range from US$45 to US$350, he said.
Source: Herald

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