Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Morgan Tsvangirai has terminated his marriage with his wife Elizabeth because she cheated on him

Elizabeth Macheka-Tsvangirai Crying
Harvestlikis, a self-proclaimed MDC-T insider who claims to be operating from the opposition party's head quarters, Harvest House in Harare, on Tuesday posted sensational claims on his Facebook page alleging that his party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has allegedly terminated his marriage with Elizabeth Macheka-Tsvangirai, a mother of four.

But he was immediately attacked by others who said that Tsvangirai and his wife were in Nigeria at present. Reports that they are divorced were a pack of lies. But others disputed this saying Elizabeth stayed at home as she ponders her next move.

Elizabeth grabbed headlines in August, just two weeks after Zimbabwe's 2013 harmonised elections, when State-controlled media exposed her alleged love scandals with one of her married ex-boyfriends, Kennedy who fathered her 5-year-old daughter.

The Sunday Mail published a series of text messages and emails which were reportedly exchanged between Elizabeth and Ngirazi behind the then Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's back.

Harvestlikis said on Facebook: "Indeed, everything comes to an end gentlepeople. Just last week pane chakamhara. My source from Macheka family dropped a shocker in my inbox which I failed to believe there and there until I confirmed with independent sources. Hanzi Save and Lizzy's marriage chave chinokoro veduwe. Just last week on 2 October, representatives from the two families met to discuss the shaky marriage. It was resolved kuti tete Lizzy must pack her bags from their Highlands 'lodgings' to her house in Borrowdale.

This arrangement is pending the final decision from both families, which, according to the source is heading to a total demise. The families agreed that Save and Lizzy must arrange a meeting paine malawyers avo where they will determine the sharing of properties. I thought it's fiction. I could not believe my eyes on Friday when I saw a lorry ferrying household goods from 49 Kew Drive, Highlands.

Handizivi zvangu kuti zvaienda kupi, apo ndinganyepe. Did Save take the right direction gentlepeople? Taurai isu vana Mafirakureva takateerera." 

Source: harvestlikis

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