Sunday, October 13, 2013

Masvingo woman said she didn't know that she was sitting on a Gold Mine & she makes US$60 on a good night by having S*X with different men

The thigh vendors are not worried about the high incidences of STIs in Masvingo province. They view STIs as a “professional hazard”.
One of the ladies, who only identified herself as Irene from Ngundu, said she had no other option except to sell her body.
“After my husband dumped me and left for South Africa at the height of the economic downturn, I had no other means of survival to feed our two children,” she said. “He has never returned, six years after, and he never phoned. I had no option but to sell my body. I realised I was literally sitting on a gold mine.”
Irene said she charges between US$5 and US$10 for a s*x session, depending on the client, as well as his negotiating skills.
“It all depends on how I rate the client, as well as how they negotiate. But if it’s for the whole night, that is US$30 to US$40 dollars,” she said, adding that she was not worried about contracting STIs as it was a risk associated with the “profession”.
On Friday and Saturdays, when “business is brisk”, she rakes in around US$60, mostly from short s*x sessions, meaning she sleeps with as many different men as is possible in a single night.
Because most men are reluctant to book lodges, they usually have s*x in cars or alleys, and she would not be able to take a bath after each session.
For those who demand unprotected s*x, said Irene, “I charge more because I will be risking my life.”
Petronela Mugoti (16), another lady of the night said: “I cannot die of hunger when I know a lot of men out there want me. I have to use my body at its prime. As for STIs, I can get treated. If I become infected with HIV, I will also take ARVs [Anti-retroviral drugs] like others are doing and survive for 20 or more years.”
The thigh vendors, some as young as 14, also come from Masvingo’s high-density suburbs, villages and growth points around the resort town, where hunger and poverty have taken root.
Because they are desperate, they are willing to offer themselves even for a small fee. They do not hesitate to approach men soliciting for paid s*x.
For the thigh vendors, Masvingo is a ready market because of the high volume of people that travel between Harare and Beitbridge en route to South Africa.Mavsingo
Source: thestandard

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