Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Leaked 22 Minute Video of a married Chitungwiza Businessman having unprotected S*X with his lover

A bedroom video clip featuring a married Chitungwiza businessman has leaked in Zimbabwe.

The businessman, identified as Ngoni Mhuriro of Zengeza 2, who operates commuter omnibuses, enjoyed quality time with his lover whose name could not be identified.

All hell broke loose when the blue movie exchanged hands. No protection was used in this act.  Contacted to issue his comment, Ngoni was shocked and immediately switched off his phone.

"Aaah ndezvekunyepa," he said before switching off his mobile phone.  Ngoni and his mistress shot the 22 minute long video in a room.

For the first 12 minutes, the pair were taking turns to record while enjoying the 'juicy act' but the remaining minutes it was clear that the were now concentrating on the act.

"He sold his phone after it was no longer functional and it is still a mystery how the bedroom video clip was discovered. He is married, I know his wife, and this is his girlfriend," said the source.

During the session, the girlfriend advised Ngoni not to take her to court over the videos.

"Haikona kuzindiendesa kucourt ka, because this is evidence," she said.

Ngoni further warned her that they were committing an offence for recording the video.

"Zvinosungisa zvatiri kuitaizvi unozviziva here zvekutorana mapictures."

And the lover thought it was illegal to have s*x

"Zvei zvekusv***a, you are mad man," she said.

This girlfriend also stays in Zengeza 2. The tape  has been in circulation for the past month. 

Source: Newswire

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