Saturday, October 12, 2013

Highlanders Bosso Player loses US$12,000 he used to buy a house from a Bulawayo couple

Master  Masitara
A HIGHLANDERS player risks losing the US$12,000 he used to buy a house from a Bulawayo couple after the courts ruled that he had not acquired the property with the consent of both parties.
Forward, Master Masitara, a mid-season signing by Highlanders from Botswana side Nico United, has been struggling to evict the surviving spouse from the property after her husband died in September last year.
Masitara approached the civil courts in a bid to force Thandiwe Wurahwa out of the house which he bought from her late husband Fanuel Wurahwa in 2009.
The court heard that the couple divorced 1999 and that the house was part of the matrimonial property they were feuding over.
Bulawayo magistrate Vivian Nkomo this week dismissed Masitara’s application to have Wurahwa evicted from the house.
“You knew that the defendant should be involved in the sale of the house but you chose to ignore that,” the magistrate said.
“You waited for Wurahwa to die so that you come to court to get the house. To claim your money you can make a claim from Wurahwa’s estate.”
The court was also told that Masitara had signed an agreement with the Bulawayo City Council to have the property transferred to his name without involving Wurahwa.
The footballer has been battling to occupy the property for the past four years but Wurahwa’s wife would not budge.

Source: Newzimbabwe

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