Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bulawayo woman discovers husband had second wife on Whatsapp

A BULAWAYO woman inadvertently discovered that her husband had a second wife on WhatsApp, when she browsed the profile of the other woman on the cross platform mobile phone messaging application.

Mrs Regina Moyo, from Nkulumane 5, discovered that her husband was married to another woman, Ms Alice Mpala, after she realised that Ms Mpala’s profile picture was that of the two in each other’s arms.

Mrs Moyo, who has been married to Mr Nguquko Moyo for 11 years, initially thought Ms Mpala was her husband’s girlfriend who was trying to destroy her marriage by touting their affair. But after she sent Ms Mpala a lengthy message laden with insults and vulgarities, she got the shock of her life when the woman revealed that she was also customarily married to Mr Moyo.

Ms Mpala told Mrs Moyo that she had been married to Mr Moyo for five years and was recognised as daughter-in-law by Mr Moyo’s parents and relatives.

Mrs Moyo called her husband to ask about the other woman in his life and Mr Moyo confirmed that he had a second wife. He said he loved both of them.

An irate Mrs Moyo then called her in-laws to find out if her husband had another wife or the woman was just his girlfriend. She did not get any joy from her in-laws as they also confirmed that their son was indeed married to the woman.

The in-laws not only corroborated the once concealed marriage, but revealed that their son had sired a four-year-old son with the woman. These revelations did not go down well with Mrs Moyo who felt betrayed — she packed her bags and left her matrimonial home for her parents’ home in Sizinda high-density suburb.

“I feel betrayed because I thought I was the only woman in his life. He has made a mockery of our marriage; we have been married for 11 years and he does this to me? He has had affairs and I have
Source: Sunday News

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