Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bulawayo man abandons his disrespectful wife

A Bulawayo man has abandoned his matrimonial home because he is tired of his wife's wayward behaviour and lack of respect, a Bulawayo magistrate heard recently.

Mr Takundwa Witness Mtetwa heard this in the Maintenance Court when Mr Munyaradzi Gara was dragged to court by his wife, Mrs Privilege Gara over maintenance of their two minor children.

Mrs Gara had applied for $500 per month for three minor children but the figure was reduced to $350 after Mr Gara applied for a variation arguing that the other child was not his but his late brother's.

Mr Gara is employed by the National Employment Council for the Commercial Sector while Mrs Gara is employed at OK Mart along Josiah Chinamano Street.
 Mr Gara, of Number 29 Ellington Road, Kumalo, told the court that he had been patient with his wife for more than four years as she would go away from home and sleep out without his knowledge or consent.

He said he loved his wife but no longer trusts her.

"I love my wife and hope to reconcile with her. The problem is my wife's lack of respect," he said.

Mr Gara said he decided to move out of their home last month when his wife went away for some days.

"It is with a very heavy and painful heart that I write this letter as per our discussion on 13 August after you did a similar thing without my consent. I have decided to leave this house. This is to avoid any further stress and any violence that may occur.

Your actions are the ones chasing me out of this house, you no longer respect me as your husband. For the past three years you have been doing certain things that I have tolerated for a long time," said Mr Gara in a letter he wrote to his wife when moved out of the family house.

The letter is also filed in the record, M1675/13 at the Maintenance Court.
He said he reprimanded his wife against hanging around with unmarried women but without success.

"Three weeks ago you went away for three days without my consent and now you have done it again for days and noone knows when you would be back. I now refuse to live this lie because my patience for three years has yielded nothing as you still have unmarried women as friends. What advice do they give you?" read part of Mr Gara's letter.

He told the court that he had on numerous occasions seen his wife frequenting different places where "no one would expect to find a married woman."

"You have ceased to be a good, loving and respectable wife. You have even failed to balance work and your family, as you have not been active in the family for the past three years.

You do not listen to your husband but listen to other men," continued Mr Gara in his letter.

He also quoted verses from the Bible which he said Mrs Gara should read if she still fears God. 

Source: Byo24news

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