Thursday, October 24, 2013

2 men from Hurungwe marries one woman, both pays lobola and they both have S*X with her

Chamunorwa (left) Enetty and Samuel
A WOMAN is the talk of Magunje, Hurungwe after she was married by two men who are now fighting for her love.
Enetty Midzi (28) now lives with husband Chamunorwa Rurami (36) and boyfriend turned second husband Samuel Soko (42). She has four children with Chamunorwa but she says Samuel who is a prophet and a builder is the one who looks after the family. Chamunorwa is jobless. 

Samuel has deserted his wife and seven children to be Enetty’s second husband.  

“They are both my husbands now. Chamunorwa is my first husband. I have children with him. I have no problems sleeping with him. We had problems, so I looked for another man. Now I am in love with Soko because he looks after me and gives me everything I want,” she said. 

Enetty said both men had paid lobola for her. “Chamunorwa paid $70 while Soko paid $50. But the only one I really want these days is Soko Mukanya, Samuel.” 

Enetty said at one time they had separated with Chamunorwa but he came back seeking her love again. 

Chamunorwa saw things differently. He declared that Enetty was his wife and Samuel would have to kill him to get his wife. 

“Enetty is my wife. I have got four children with her. I took her virginity. So if Soko wants to take her and my children, he would have to kill me first,” he said. 

He explained that Soko came into the picture when his wife fled the family home to live with her brothers two years ago. That was when she met Soko who then paid lobola for her. Enetty’s brothers accepted the lobola since her parents are deceased. 

 “I was beaten up by her brothers who said that I had divorced her. They said they wanted $300 for lobola. When Soko came to pay his lobola he took my wife and stayed with her. I went to where they were staying and I beat her up in front of Soko and I took her home. 

 “I say she is my wife and Soko says she is my wife,” said Chamunorwa. The three live in the same house now. 

Soko said he had no doubt he was the only husband. 

 “I fell in love with Enetty when she was no longer with Chamunorwa. I paid my lobola to a divorced woman. Her brother Edmore Midzi knows all about it. I pay the rent for the house we are staying. 

He said he no longer wanted Chamunorwa to continue to stay at the house. Samuel said Chamunorwa can visit his children on a Saturday when he was not around. 

When asked if they both sleep with Enetty, Chamunorwa said he still had s*x with his wife. 

 “Yesterday I had s*x with her in the afternoon when Samuel was busy with his bricks. If I was not her husband would she still jump into bed with me,” he said. 

Samuel appeared shocked saying Enetty had told him they last had s*x a long time ago. 

“If that is true she is therefore playing the two of us,” said Samuel. 

Enetty came clean saying she cooked for both men and they atet from the same plate. 

“I give them food and they both eat together. I do not know what they will be talking about. They used to sleep in different rooms and I would go to sleep with whoever I felt like on any given day. But now Chamunorwa has left the house and I do not know where he lives.” 

Magunje residents are outraged at the threesome. They said all three were behaving like animals and should be ashamed of themselves. 

Their neighbour, Melody Kanogocheka (22), blamed both men for being used by Enetty. 

“Both men want to have their heads examined. Some men beat up their wives if they see them walking with a man they do not know, not this nonsense,” she said adding that Chamunorwa nearly killed himself one time when he walked in on Enetty and Samuel having s*x. 

“We had a hard time talking him out of killing himself. We convinced Enetty to go in a  room and have s*x with him. He came out smiling and that was that.”

Source: Newsdzezimbabwe

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