Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moses Chunga ordered to spent a month cutting sugar cane if he want to be a full-time coach for the Hippo Valley team

SUGAR TURNS SOUR . . . Chunga says he understands football language, not cutting sugar cane
Moses Chunga
MOSES CHUNGA is furious after being ordered to spend a month working in the sugar estates of the Lowveld, as part of an induction programme to regularise his employment at Tongaat Hulett, sponsors of the Hippo Valley team he took into the Premiership.
The 48-year-old former Zimbabwe captain is considering his options after a stormy meeting with the management of the club and company that exploded when one of the managers told Chunga he would be expected to spend a month cutting sugar cane in the plantations as part of the induction formalities.
Chunga told The Herald yesterday he felt “humiliated” when he was advised that he would have to work on the sugar estates to be formally accommodated into the Hippo Valley family as a full-time employee of the company that sponsors the football club.
He insisted that he had not quit his post as coach of Hippo Valley, whom he guided into the Premiership in his first season in charge of the club this year to give the Lowveld its second top-flight team, but was reviewing his relationship with the team.
“There are some sensitive issues that have cropped up in the last couple of days that have complicated things down here and, sadly, what should have been a time for celebrations for us has become a time for tension,” said Chunga.
“I was called to a meeting with the club chairman and was told that the issue to be discussed was my contract, as we move forward, now that we had achieved what they asked me to do when they hired me, which was to take the team into the Premier League.
“The chairman opened the meeting by congratulating me for the success we had this season and thanking me, and the boys, for achieving the goals that the management had set for us at the beginning of the year.
“Then he introduced the manager from the human resources department who was representing the company, who are our sponsors, and that’s when things started to get a bit complicated. The manager from the human resources department said I would have to work in the sugar fields, cutting sugar cane, because that’s how one gets to be inducted into working for this company, and it was important that I also do that so that I get an appreciation of where the money that is sponsoring the team was coming from.
“He also said that I should appreciate that football wasn’t their core business, there was nothing really special about the team, and the company could do without the football club and I felt that all this was a humiliation and a deliberate attempt to frustrate me.”
No comment could be obtained from the club’s leadership last night. Chunga said he felt insulted, that someone could tell him that his reward for taking Hippo Valley into the Premiership would be a month spent working in the sugar plantations, and expressed his disappointment with his club chairman.
“I have a lot of respect for those people who work in the sugar fields, and what they do for the company, but that is not what I do for a living, I am a professional football coach, and in the past I was a professional football player,” said Chunga.
“My life starts and ends in the football field and those who recruited me from more than 400km away knew that I could only help them when it comes to football because that is the language that I understand.
“For someone to then come and tell me that I was supposed to work on the sugar fields, and say that is part and parcel of my job as coach of the team that I took into the Premiership is a bit disturbing and I made it clear to my chairman that it’s something that they should not expect to see me doing.
“I don’t know why some people just find a lot of joy in frustrating others or specialise in making life difficult for others and, after what we have done as a team, you would think that we are the toast of the community but some people have their own ideas and you feel they are not happy with our achievement.”
Chunga insisted he had not quit Hippo Valley, but said he was reviewing his position with the team, with the help of his club chairman, Tarisai Mudambanuki, whom he hailed as a man who had football at heart and played a big part in helping them achieve their dream of winning the ticket to the Premiership.
“When I left the meeting I made my feelings known to the chairman and he is the one who will sort this thing out and, until then, I don’t think I can discuss much about my future at the club, save to say that I am still the coach of Hippo Valley,” said Chunga.
Source: Herald

Peter Ndlovu's car veered off the road and hit 3 people

A vehicle belonging to Peter Ndlovu was involved in a near  fatal accident in Bulawayo Thursday afternoon, ZimbabweFocus reported.

The Navara, maroon in colour with South African registration was driven by Madinda Ndlovu' s daughter.
The accident occurred at corner Leopold Takawira and Josiah Tongogara, adjacent to Mac’s Garage. The vehicle hit three vendors at Max Garage who escaped with injuries.

An eyewitness who spoke to Radio Dialogue said: "The car was headed towards Tower Block when suddenly veered off the road and hit three vendors who were sitting on the pavement having lunch."

He said the trio was then trapped under the vehicle.

"They were trapped under there for some moments until onlookers came to the rescue and moved the vehicle to remove them," said the witness.

He said the victims were later rushed to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), where they are reportedly in a serious condition.

Ironically, Peter Ndlovu is one of the southern region’s National Traffic Safety Council ambassadors

Bulawayo based photographer "Lucky Tshuma Photography t/a Images Unlimited"  posted a photo onFacebook of the vehicle lying on its nearside.

Source: Bulawayo24/ZimbabweFocus

Cde Oppah Muchinguri collapses in Bindura while delivering a speech

Oppah Muchinguri
The Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Cde Oppah Muchinguri yesterday collapsed at Nyava Growth Point in the Musana area in Bindura district while delivering a speech at the launch of the Rural Women Assembly.
Minister Muchinguri is said to be diabetic. People with diabetes can sometimes lose consciousness if their blood sugar levels are too high or too low.
Minister Muchinguri had spent the morning at Muunganirwa Garden where she launched the Quick Win Seed Input Scheme before travelling to Nyava Growth Point in the afternoon.
Her deputy, Cde Abigail Damasane, quickly moved in to calm down the gathering as Minister Muchinguri was being attended to by her aide and other invited guests.
Hundreds of women who had gathered for the historic event clapped and ululated as she  got up and dusted herself. In her remarks read by Cde Damasane, Cde Muchinguri applauded the Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union for successfully launching the Rural Women Assembly event.
“This shows the world that women are organised and can participate at regional and international fora to fight for their cause. This is in line with my ministry’s mandate of spearheading the empowerment of women at all levels. I am glad that the Rural Women’s Assembly will work with my ministry to address the issues raised by women in agriculture,” she said.
Minister Muchinguri also highlighted the need for rural women to mobilise themselves and advocate for their needs and build a critical mass to influence the policy environment, and to support the advocacy of those whose rights are infringed upon.
“Women should fight for inclusion in finding solutions to Africa’s multiple crises of low agricultural productivity, food insecurity and unemployment.”
Source: herald

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Former MDC parliamentary candidate Eric Knight has reportedly joined President Mugabe's Zanu PF

Eric Knight, an aspiring Mbare MDC MP,  has reportedly joined President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF.
The former ZBC radio and TV presenter and MDC candidate lost the Mbare poll to Zanu PF’s Tendai Savanhu.
Rugare Gumbo, the Zanu PF spokesperson, confirmed that Knight was joining the former liberation movement.
“We have always wanted people like Eric, people with experience in broadcasting and the media so we are naturally excited at having him back home if indeed he has eventually made the decision to join us,” Gumbo said.
“Young people like him are valuable to the party and as such we openly welcome him. We hope he will be an asset to the party so we wait as he undergoes the party procedure to officially become a member.”
Knight yesterday said he was driving when the Daily News reached him for comment, but promised to respond to a text message sent to him which he did not do. He was later not picking his phone.
An sms from his phone read: “I received your message but I am driving out of Harare now, so I will call you later.”
Knight did not make contact after that.
Officials close to Knight told the Daily News that the former DJ had been persuaded to join the ruling party by Leo Mugabe. 
Knight’s switch has angered the opposition MDC, which fielded him as its parliamentary candidate but made a volte face after losing the poll.
Obert Gutu, the MDC Harare Province spokesperson, said while his  party had no good reason to believe that Knight was not genuine in his parliamentary bid, there were some in the province who doubted if he was indeed a bona fide member.
He said the party had learnt a lesson to value its tried and tested cadres to avoid accommodating chancers.
“As MDC Harare province, we had no reason to believe that Eric Knight was not a genuine and dedicated party cadre,” Gutu told the Daily News.
“We are advised that he was an active MDC member in the UK where he is ordinarily based.
“The truth is some party cadres in Harare province were not entirely convinced about Eric Knight’s qualification to contest the Mbare constituency primary elections.
“Going forward as Harare Province, we have learnt a hard lesson, that is, it is better for the party to stick to genuine, long-standing cadres instead of accommodating  chancers and opportunists.”

Source: dailynews

23 people feared dead after a fuel tanker collided with a Mazda T35 lorry & exploded into flames in Chisumbanje

The Mazda T35 truck on fire this morning.
The Mazda T35 in flames
Twenty three people are feared dead after a fuel tanker collided with a lorry and exploded into flames in Chisumbanje near Chipinge on Wednesday morning.

The lorry, a Mazda T35, was carrying people headed towards Rimai in Chipinge where they were going to bury a relative.

The accident happened at Manzvire, 15 kilometres from Checheche Growth Point.

Manicaland police traffic coordinator Superintendent Mukahanana confirmed the accident which occurred at around 7am in Chisumbanje.

He said all the passengers in the T35 truck, including the driver, were burnt to death.

Eye witnesses said firefighters were still battling to contain the fire and the bodies of the deceased are yet to be retrieved from the flames.

A coffin with a corpse which was in the T 35 truck was also burnt.

According to an eyewitness, Claris Madhuku of Platform for Youth Development, the T35 collided head on with a Greenfuel tanker, which was going to Harare, resulting in the tanker exploding.

According to Madhuku,23 people have died.

21 people were burnt to death on the accident spot and two more died on the way to the hospital.

Greenfuel has issued a condolence message to the deceased familes. 

"Green Fuel joins the Chisumbanje community, the nation at large and most importantly the families of the deceased, in mourning the lives tragically lost in a road accident which occurred today in Chipinge South, along the Tanganda - Chiredzi highway near Checheche.

"As we come to terms with the devastating aftermath of this tragedy, we convey our sincere heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased."

Source: NewsDay

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The 5 robbers who died in a car crash with a bus had just robbed a Nigerian guy US$30000 and the gang leader had US$17000 in his pockets when he died in the accident

People picking up the body of Borris Mushonga after it fell from a moving vehicle
FIVE suspected armed robbers who were killed when their Toyota Raum collided with a bus near Zindoga Shopping Centre along Simon Mazorodze Road in Harare had allegedly robbed a Nigerian of US$30 000 in the city. Borris Mushonga (35), Bright Mupamhanga (29) ofHighfield, Terrence Tuware (19) of Mbare, Shyleen Mukoma (16) of Mufakose and Alois Kangwara (19) of Mbare, died on the spot when their getaway vehicle was involved in an accident.
The wreckage of the Toyota Raum that was involved in the accident. (Pictures by Tawanda Mudimu)
Toyota Raum used for robberies
Police said the five were on their wanted list on allegations of robbing passengers using their getaway vehicle and commuter omnibuses, during the night. They targeted cash, cellphones and laptops, among other valuables.
On October 17, the gang had allegedly robbed several people in and around the city after offering them a ride.
Sources yesterday said among the victims was a Nigerian. After robbing him, Mushonga — believed to have been the ringleader — hid about US$10 000 at his home in Mbare.
It is believed that when the gang was involved in the accident, Mushonga had US$17 000 cash in his pockets.
It is not clear where the other US$3 000 went.
The money was reportedly taken by some of his accomplices who arrived at the scene of the accident before the police.
Last week, National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed that there was an unidentified car which arrived at the scene of the accident.
He said the occupants reportedly searched the bodies of the robbers and the wreckage before driving off.
Chief Supt Nyathi said they believed that the suspects could have taken away weapons, including a gun that was used to commit crimes.
Police last week arrested eight suspected armed robbers at Mushonga’s funeral procession.
On the fateful day, the gang offered a lift to a woman in Avondale before robbing her of her cellphone.
According to reports, a motorist who was following behind saw the fracas and gave chase.
The Toyota Raum sped off and went through a roadblock.
It nearly ran over a policeman manning the roadblock. The motorist who was giving chase picked a policeman at the roadblock and pursued the suspects. It is reported that the chase ended in Mbare where they lost sight of the Toyota Raum.
An hour later, the gang perished in an accident. The Toyota Raum, was heading towards Mbudzi roundabout, while the bus belonging to G Muzanga Transport was driving into town from Nerupiri in Gutu, Masvingo, when the accident occurred.
The other eight suspects were this week denied bail and are expected back in court on November 6. Harare magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo considered that the eight were facing a serious offence which attracts a lengthy custodial sentence if convicted.
Lazarus Jimu (23), Tatenda Tanhira (23), Maxwell Mushonga (22) and Chamunorwa Machingauta (27) appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo facing robbery charges.
The other quartet of Rodwell Keith Undi (33), Rodney Akende (37), Bernard Kaitano (31) and Mugove Chikukwa (25) separately appeared before the same court facing robbery charges and were remanded in custody to November 6.
The two groups were not jointly charged.
Source: herald

Music legend Oliver Mtukudzi stole the limelight from Alick Macheso at Mucheke Stadium

 Music legend Oliver Mtukudzi stole the limelight from fellow sungura music icon, Alick Macheso and self-proclaimed dancehall king, Guspy Warrior when they performed at Mucheke Stadium, Masvingo on Friday night.
The veteran Katekwe music singer proved his legendary traits as he put up a scintillating showcase.
Tuku came on stage after Guspy Warrior had attempted to justify why he is regarded as the man of the moment in the dancehall music circles.
Tuku kept thousands of his fans on their toes throughout his act, belting most of his old and some recent songs.
But it was his golden oldies that wooed fans and left them clamouring for more. Songs like Kuvarairwa Uchifamba, Unondipasa Manyemwe mesmerised fans.
The concert, with such a rare combination of musicians ignited the usually sleepy city and left thousands of music fans calling for more.
Macheso whose band this year received a knock after losing several members did not disappoint.
The sungura music guru joined Tuku on the stage when he was about to wrap-up his act amid a standing ovation from the crowd.
The two crème dela crème of musicians hugged and embraced each other on stage as fans screamed before they joined each other to belt out Tuku’s song Shami.
Guspy Warrior also lived up to expectations as he performed his dancehall songs to the delight of the youths. But it was the song of the moment Seunononga that thrilled youthful fans leading to others invading the stage.
“That show was fantastic; those guys Tuku and Macheso are real legends. It was actually an early Christmas present for us here in Masvingo, I wish they could come back again and stage another joint show,” said Israel Kandemiri at Yeukai Bar in Mucheke D.
The concert attracted fans from various districts of Masvingo province with some having travelled for over 200 km. They came from places such as Chiredzi, Gutu, Mwenezi, Bikita, Zaka and Chivi.
“I was satisfied by the musicians’ performance and I do not regret travelling several kilometres to the show
“The concert was superb and those two music icon plus that young man should be honoured,” said Tsakelani Hlongwane, who had travelled from Chikombedzi.

Source: dailynews

The Fight to succeed President Robert Mugabe explodes

Factional fights in President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF are exploding amid claims from different camps that senior officials are plotting to rig provincial polls in order to strategically position their cronies.
With Zanu PF going for an elective congress next year, insiders say the chaotic scenes which derailed polls in Mashonaland West and Midlands last weekend were just a tip of the iceberg as the battle to succeed Mugabe hots up.
Battle lines have been drawn between vice president Joice Mujuru’s camp and the other one led by Justice and Legal Affairs minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, the two Zanu PF heavyweights tipped to succeed Mugabe once he relinquishes office.
The wars to succeed Mugabe — hitherto played in Zanu PF corridors of power — have now found space in the State media which yesterday attacked the party’s secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa for jumping the gun when he suspended Munyaradzi Kereke from the party.
Mutasa reportedly sympathises with the Mujuru camp and at one point publicly said it will be abnormal for Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe saying as Zanu PF secretary for Legal Affairs, he was far down in the liberation war movement’s perking order.
Fireworks are expected at the party’s Politburo meeting tomorrow.
Zanu PF’s secretary for Information Rugare Gumbo declined to comment yesterday, saying “wait until the politburo meeting on Wednesday.”
Insiders say the state media has just ignited a war that might have a nasty end.
“Once the politburo sits, then that is final, Kereke was expelled by the politburo chaired by the president and thus he was expelled by the party,” said a source.
The attempts to whitewash Kereke’s expulsion has been interpreted as a declaration of war by the Mujuru camp.
“It’s going to be bad and you don’t argue with the bigwigs because it is suicidal to fight them, worse still using the state media,” said another Mujuru ally. “That Tsholotsho thing is now back and we will deal with it pound for pound.”
Insiders say the ongoing polls were critical as they are likely to determine power dynamics in Zanu PF since chairpersons who will be elected to lead provincial structures will determine the party’s presidium come congress in December next year.
Currently, the presidium is led by Mugabe as first secretary, Mujuru as the second secretary, Simon Khaya-Moyo as the chairperson and Didymus Mutasa as the secretary for administration.
But the positions, save for that of Mugabe, are by no means guaranteed come congress, raising the stakes in the ongoing provincial elections which are seen as the start of a race to take over the leadership of Zanu PF.
Monica Mutsvangwa had to withdraw from the Manicaland race against John Mvundura claiming that the provincial elections to choose a new chairperson were fraught with irregularities.
Mvundura reportedly belongs to the Mujuru faction while Mutsvangwa belongs to the Mnangagwa faction.
Efforts to speak with Mutsvangwa yesterday were fruitless but she was quoted in the state media demanding a rerun, citing several irregularities.
“Returning officers were impartial. In all districts which I had an upper hand; they were starved of ballot papers. Remedial action should be taken. A rerun is important because we want our electoral processes to have integrity,” fumed Mutsvangwa.
In Mashonaland West, Mugabe’s own backyard, a war is sizzling as the two leading factions seek to outsmart each other in the battle for control of the region.
MP and former fitness trainer Temba Mliswa, is up against businessman Philip Chiyangwa and Nimrod Chiminya for the Mash West provincial chair.
Mliswa belongs to the Mujuru faction.
Nationwide tensions are simmering in the guerrilla war movement with indications that battle lines for a potentially bruising combat have been drawn and that factionalism was rearing its ugly head, even through the state media.
State media columnist Nathaniel Manheru recently attacked the Mujuru camp and on Saturday revealed that some heavies within the party threatened him, but said he was unfazed by the threats.

Source: Dailynews

Monday, October 28, 2013

Goalkeeper Tapuwa Kapini was left in tears yesterday by Amazulu fans !!!!

Goalkeeper Tapuwa Kapini was hit in the face with missiles thrown by fans after AmaZulu’s 2-0 loss to Maritzburg United – and was left in tears.

Usuthu fans made their feelings about the goalkeeper known throughout the match, with a group of fans causing havoc near the tunnel at Moses Mabhida Stadium.
To be fair, Kapini could not have done much about the two goals he let in against the Team of Choice.
The first came after a cross in the six-yard area, which Marc van Heerden deflected into his own net, and the second was a lovely curling finish by Thokozani Sehlokong, after a one-on-one with the Zimbabwe keeper.
Kapini was hit by objects – including plastic bottles – thrown by the fans while making his way from the pitch, and was visibly upset, and lay on the ground in tears until he was assisted by AmaZulu technical staff.
Team manager Japhet Zwane attempted to calm fans down, telling them the club would not rush into a decision of “sacking the coach”, Craig Rosslee.
“It is very bad for the club to be losing and conceding so many goals,” Zwane said. “Our players are deflated and we are devoid of direction at the moment but the change of personnel won't help the cause for the club. [Rosslee] will continue.
“Players' heads have dropped dramatically and we need a good performance in the upcoming matches. Everyone is not happy with what is happening. We hope we may turn the corner and pull ourselves in one direction.
“It has been nothing but sheer disarray from players and it doesn’t look good. We will sit down and assess where we went wrong and rectify that possibly in those coming matches.
“A club like AmaZulu has a massive history and it’s absolutely diabolical to lose games like that – especial at home, we need to make it count.”
After conceding seven goals midweek, Kapini told he was ashamed, but added he had called a meeting with his teammates to analyse the situation at the club and move forward positively.
Source: Kickoff

Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 family members died on the spot in Gweru when they got involved in an accident

The wreckage of the Toyota Corolla in which seven family members perished in Gweru yesterday
The wreckage of the Toyota Corolla in which seven family members perished in Gweru
SEVEN family members, including a three-year-old girl, died on the spot in Gweru yesterday afternoon when their Toyota Corolla was involved in an accident with a bus, resulting in part of the driver’s side of the vehicle being ripped off. 
The accident occurred at around 1:30pm in Daylesford low-density suburb, 6km along the Gweru-Shurugwi Road.
When The Herald crew arrived at the scene 30 minutes later, bodies of the victims were still trapped in the mangled wreckage.
According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Toyota Corolla, which was heading towards Gweru, lost control of the vehicle, straddled the white centre line before sideswiping with the a Shurugwi-bound bus.
“The driver of the small car lost control and veered off the road to the left verge. He battled the car and tried to swing it back into the road but failed to maintain his lane. He encroached into the right lane where he sideswiped with an oncoming bus. Things happened very fast,” said the witness.
Police are withholding the names of the deceased until their next of kin have been informed.
Deputy Officer Commanding Midlands Province Assistant Commissioner Learn Ncube said the seven were on their way from a family function in Mberengwa when tragedy struck.
He said preliminary investigations indicate that the driver of the Toyota Corolla was speeding.
“The Toyota Corolla was coming from Mberengwa and had seven people on board, all from the same family.
“The seven people including a three-year-old girl died on the spot. However, no one aboard the bus was injured,” he said.
Asst Comm Ncube said the bodies of the victims were ferried to Gweru Provincial Hospital Mortuary.
“We advise all motorists to abide by road rules and regulations to avoid accidents,” said Asst Comm Ncube.
Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in the Midlands Cde Jason Machaya, who visited the accident scene, encouraged motorists to drive safely.
“We are deeply saddened by this incident. As the Government we would want to ensure that road accidents are reduced and motorists adhere to speed limits,” he said
Source: Herald

Soccer Star David Beckham & his son involved in a Car Crash

David Beckham has crashed his car into another vehicle outside his Beverly Hills home.

It's reported son Brooklyn, 14, was in the front passenger seat during the accident involving David's black Range Rover Sport.

The ex-England football captain allegedly reversed back into his drive way and waited for cops to arrive when the incident apparently happened on Friday at 2:30pm.

It's claimed David pulled out of the driveway and collided with the oncoming driver - which appeared to be a woman.

There is visible damage on both David's expensive motor - which is favoured among soccer stars - and the white Acura 4x4.

The police reportedly left the home, which the H&M underwear model shares with wife Victoria, and continued speaking to other witnesses.

It wouldn't be the first time David and son Brooklyn have been involved in a crash.
Luckily the pair were left uninjured after a rush hour collision in a multiple-car pile-up on a busy freeway in Los Angeles in 2011.

They are both believed to have been wearing their seat belts and it's a miracle they were left without a scratch when his lavish Cadillac Escalade became the third car in the pile-up. 

Source: Mirror

Bulawayo woman discovers husband had second wife on Whatsapp

A BULAWAYO woman inadvertently discovered that her husband had a second wife on WhatsApp, when she browsed the profile of the other woman on the cross platform mobile phone messaging application.

Mrs Regina Moyo, from Nkulumane 5, discovered that her husband was married to another woman, Ms Alice Mpala, after she realised that Ms Mpala’s profile picture was that of the two in each other’s arms.

Mrs Moyo, who has been married to Mr Nguquko Moyo for 11 years, initially thought Ms Mpala was her husband’s girlfriend who was trying to destroy her marriage by touting their affair. But after she sent Ms Mpala a lengthy message laden with insults and vulgarities, she got the shock of her life when the woman revealed that she was also customarily married to Mr Moyo.

Ms Mpala told Mrs Moyo that she had been married to Mr Moyo for five years and was recognised as daughter-in-law by Mr Moyo’s parents and relatives.

Mrs Moyo called her husband to ask about the other woman in his life and Mr Moyo confirmed that he had a second wife. He said he loved both of them.

An irate Mrs Moyo then called her in-laws to find out if her husband had another wife or the woman was just his girlfriend. She did not get any joy from her in-laws as they also confirmed that their son was indeed married to the woman.

The in-laws not only corroborated the once concealed marriage, but revealed that their son had sired a four-year-old son with the woman. These revelations did not go down well with Mrs Moyo who felt betrayed — she packed her bags and left her matrimonial home for her parents’ home in Sizinda high-density suburb.

“I feel betrayed because I thought I was the only woman in his life. He has made a mockery of our marriage; we have been married for 11 years and he does this to me? He has had affairs and I have
Source: Sunday News

Pregnant women told to buy their own gloves, medicine and equipment to be used when they give birth at Mpilo Central Hospital

MPILO Central Hospital has been hit by drug and equipment shortages that have forced the biggest infirmary in Matabeleland to make patients buy expensive drugs and equipment prescribed by doctors
from pharmacies.
Sunday News is also reliably informed that the shortage of medicine at the hospital has resulted in the emergence of a syndicate of nurses who buy drugs and equipment which they sell to desperate and gullible patients at a high cost. Some nurses, who are believed to be working in cahoots with doctors, allegedly lift the little remaining prescription drugs from the hospital pharmacy and sell to patients.

Stocks of drugs and equipment at Mpilo Hospital are critically low as the hospital is failing to restock its pharmacy due to a lack of funds.

Patients are referred to private pharmacies to buy the drugs and equipment, most of which should be provided free of charge by the hospital.

The hardest hit patients are pregnant women who give birth through Caesarean operation as the list of drugs and equipment they are asked to buy is extensive and expensive.

Patients due for a Caesarean are required to buy surgical gloves, 200mls of Betadine, suture material — a medical device used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery and two spinal needles.

They are also required to purchase two 16 grammes of intravenous cannula — a small length of tiny, flexible plastic tubing used to administer fluids and liquid medications to a patient through the venous system. Also needed, is sodium thiopental which is a rapid-onset short-acting barbiturate general anaesthetic and Suxamethonium, a short-acting muscle relaxant.

The patients are also told to procure two types of antibiotics, metronidazole and ceftriaxone. The purpose of metronidazole antibiotics is to fight bacteria and certain parasites. Ceftriaxone is an antibiotic used to stop and prevent infections. The two antibiotics are given as a shot or through an intravenous line (IV).

Besides having to raise funds to buy the costly drugs and medical kit, pregnant women have to pay $350 for the Caesarean.

The long list of drugs and gear required for a Caesarean has been a source of controversy at Mpilo Hospital. Reports from the hospital are that some time ago, pregnant women who were due for an operation confronted the chief executive officer Dr Lawrence Mantiziba, demanding to know why they were being made to buy drugs and equipment after they had paid $350 for an operation.

Patients suffering from other ailments are also given a list of drugs they should buy depending on the infirmity afflicting them and its severity.

Sunday News managed to interview a few patients and they said that the hospital always told them that there was no medicine. The patients said they were now used to buying their own drugs.

“Patients are told to buy drugs everyday, it’s now normal. In the beginning it was shocking and patients used to resist and question why the hospital was not giving them drugs but now they are prepared to accept whatever the hospital asks of them,” a doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

The doctors and nurses who sell prescription drugs to patients are said to be cautious — they don’t sell the drugs to any patient in need. They interrogate the potential buyers to find out if they can be trusted or not.

The guarded mindset of the nurses is motivated by fear of severe consequences if caught, including criminal charges, loss of licence and firing. Using prescription drugs without a valid prescription is illegal and contrary to medical ethics.

Patients also accuse nurses of stealing their drugs and reselling to them. They claim the nurses operate makeshift chemical shops from their handbags and pockets.

“We are at the mercy of these nurses because of our desperate situation. We need the drugs so we have no choice but to buy from them. Personally no one has stolen my medicine but I know that my neighbours have had their drugs stolen,” said an unnamed patient.

Another patient said theft of drugs was not happening at Mpilo Hospital alone but was widespread.
“This thing is happening all over even at clinics and it involves nurses, doctors and employees. It is now standard practice, these people are corrupt. If you have money you can get the drugs that you want at Mpilo even though the drugs are officially not there,” the patient said.

The situation is reported to be a worrying phenomenon in many of the wards at Mpilo Hospital. The business is so lucrative that the nurses are said to sometimes buy drugs from pharmacies in town and sell to patients who are under their care.

Investigations by Sunday News revealed that some nurses had the full complement of all basic drugs that are required for emergency care and that of patients who undergo surgery. Sometimes, nurses in this trade employ trusted patients as their agents.

A nurse at the hospital who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that there were nurses who steal and sell prescription drugs to patients said such people gave the nursing profession a bad name.

“This gives nurses a very bad name. When we take our oath to care for our patients it includes giving them the medications that they need not taking them for ourselves. I hope these nurses get caught and fired together with the doctors they work with. Right now nurses are seen as cruel by patients and we are accused of doing all sorts of evil things. I always felt that something like this was bound to be reported one day and now it has,” the nurse said.

On 17 October, a general hand at Mpilo Hospital, Michael Muvenge Makamure (31), appeared in court before magistrate Mr Gladmore Mushove for stealing from a deceased patient Mr Jonathan Masango. Makamure is alleged to have stolen two bags that contained two blankets, a long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, a black leather belt and an assortment of drugs that belonged to the late Mr Masango from the dressing room at the hospital.

Mr Masango’s possessions were valued at $262.
Makamure could not get away with the crime after the late Mr Masango’s daughter, Janet, who was in the company of Bhekithemba Ncube and Joseph Tsuro, saw him carrying the bags. Hospital security arrested him and handed him to the police.

Makamure, who is accused of violating the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) Chapter 9:22 (theft), was remanded out of custody to 6 November.

Sunday News called Dr Mantiziba, who declined to respond to the allegations of nurses stealing and the shortage of critical drugs and equipment.

“We are rebranding Mpilo Hospital and we don’t want to continue on the negative. We answered your questions in your last story; I have had several interviews since you wrote your story. The Chronicle also wants to interview me. We cannot continue answering negative questions because as far as I am concerned that is counterproductive,” Dr Mantiziba said.

On 6 October, Sunday News reported that Mpilo Hospital had suspended surgical operations after it ran out of pethidine, a pain numbing drug that is needed for surgical operations, amid reports that the hospital has been struggling to purchase medicine and medical essentials as its coffers were empty.

The Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr David Parirenyatwa, said he was going to conduct an investigation on the allegations.

“I will investigate that, it’s sad that a hospital like Mpilo is going through that. It’s very sad and unacceptable. I feel very sorry for the patients. But we must understand that this is caused by a lack of an adequate health budget, we will work to ensure that the Government pours more money into the health sector.

“Selling prescription drugs without permission and stealing from patients is corruption and I will attempt to investigate that but it’s difficult because you did not provide me the names of the people who are doing that. Such people do not deserve to be nurses and doctors,” Dr Parirenyatwa said.
Source: Sunday News

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zimbabwe Government to repossess all farms being leased to former white commercial farmers by the beneficiaries of the land reform programme

Government intends to repossess all farms  being leased to former white commercial farmers by some beneficiaries of the country’s hugely successful land reform programme.

There are indications that some new farmers are sub-leasing their plots to former white farmers who undertake to pay for the lease with a percentage of the annual income they get from using the land in question.

Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Dr Douglas Mombeshora last week disclosed that his ministry was looking into the issue and was quick to highlight that the sub-letting of State land to former commercial farmers was illegal and against Government policy.

“There have been reports reaching our offices that a number of beneficiaries of the land reform programme are currently doing some form of combined farming with white farmers who were ejected from those farms during the land reform exercise,” he said.

“We do not have the exact number of the beneficiaries who are sub-letting their land at the moment, but what I can tell you is that this is something happening in all the provinces countrywide.

“As we speak we have ordered all our chief land officers countrywide to compile the names of those engaged in these so-called sub-letting deals. After that exercise we as the ministry will move in the identified areas and repossess the land since these beneficiaries are violating Government-stipulated policies,” said Dr Mombeshora.

Dr Mombeshora also revealed that his ministry has also ordered provincial land committees around the country to list down the names of people who have settled on State land without offer letters.
“We have established that the current on-going land disruptions were a result of people moving onto a piece of land without offer letters. This is a matter we are closely looking into.

“People should not move onto a piece of land without the nod from Government. Hence, we expect to address these land disruptions by giving people offer letters which give them security to settle without disruptions from any individual,” he said.

Source: sundaymail

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