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One-on-One with the newly elected member of parliament Cde Joseph Chinotimba

Cde Joseph Chinotimba
NEWLY elected Buhera South National legislator, Cde Joseph Chinotimba paid a surprise visit to The Manica Post newsroom last Friday. The war veteran, who
was in a jovial mood, and cracking jokes, with journalists and staff of the newspaper, could not hide his joy following his victory in the July 31 elections. The Manica Post (MP) took the opportunity to ask the affable Joseph Chinotimba (JC) some questions on the elections, and family life.

MP: Welcome to The Manica Post and congratulations on winning the Buhera South National Assembly seat. You have finally done it after failed attempts in Highfield and Buhera South in 2008. What did you do to wrestle the seat from the MDC-T?
JC: Thank you nekundikorokotedza. I spearheaded food aid for the constituency from time to time. Considering that Buhera is drought stricken, the food was a major help to the people. Apart from that, I also did projects, among which, were chicken rearing projects for teachers at some schools in Buhera, re-painting of schools as well as the construction of roads and bridges, a move that rekindled the people’s trust in me. I am also building a school, Chipondamudzi. Apa nemari yangu inini. I have also engaged the likes of the DDF for the resuscitation of long broken down boreholes.
MP: What had made you lose the seat to MDC-T in the first place, considering that you are from Buhera?
JC: When I started campaigning in 2008, it was already too late.  Since my political career was focused in Harare, the people of Buhera South constituency did not really understand who Chinotimba was. Bad publicity, especially from Daily News, also dragged my name into the mud and that discredited me when we got to the polls. Kapepa ikaka kakandikuvadza nekuti vanhu vekuBuhera vaingoverenga zvakaipa chete chete zvainyorwa nekapepa ikaka. But I have worked for the people since then finally I managed to reclaim the ZANU PF seat.
MP: Which part of Buhera are you from?
JC: I am from Muchuwa Village under Sabhuku Mutiba, Ward 29.
MP: You said you worked for the people since 2008. Where did you get the resources to do all those projects?
JC: Most of the aid was from the Government, but as you all know, I am a farmer and so some of the things I got from my farm. I also got donor assistance from Iran and Pakistan. Kana ivo anaSweden vakandibatsira.
MP: Where is your farm located?
JC: My farm is in Concession and it is called Watakai Plot 10. And another thing, I don’t have a big farm. Vanhu vakawanda vanofunga kuti nezvandakaita patime yeland reform, Chinoz ane zipurazi kana kuti mapurazi akawanda kana, purazi rangu is just about 90 hectares big… I am not greedy (chuckles.)
MP: Besides your farm, what other businesses or assets do you have?   
JC: I have a security company and it’s called Smash Security and in this era of Indigenization, I am hoping to employ more people and who knows, maybe one day we will be seeing Smash Security officers pano paManica Post. Nguva ino yeindigenisation Manica Post ichiri kutora ana Fawcett?
MP: What are your plans for the people of Buhera South constituency?
JC: So many people have asked me that question, some of whom are in London and I will repeat this. I am not a prophet and I am not going to promise people things that I cannot do. The people from my constituency should suggest what they want from the Government and I as their MP will pave the way and ensure that I represent them in every way I can.
MP: Speculation continues that you are not a war veteran and you did not fight in the liberation struggle. Where exactly were you trained and in which areas did you operate during the struggle?
JC: I am sure we both know that the people who have been saying that did not fight in the struggle for Zimbabwe. How will they know the truth if they were not there? I was trained in Romania and Tanzania and one of my instructors was Perence Shiri. when I came back, I operated in Makoni, Nyanga, ne muWedza, Buhera and ….kwese uko ku Romania hapana kwandisingazivi. And handina kutrain mupfuti diki diki idzi, aiwa. Ndakatrain kushandisa ma artillery matanks nemahowitzer.
MP: What was your Chimurenga name?
JC: (laughs)….Ndainzi Brown  Zivai Patakamirira Zimbabwe. I have even given three of my children these names to make sure kuti mazita iwaya haarovi. Saka ndine vana vanonzi Brown, Zivai naPatakamirira.
MP: How big is your family?
JC: I have 11 children.
MP: …and how many wives?
JC: Aaaah iwe izvo uchazvidiiko zvemadzimai angu, ndezvanguka izvi that is my private life …just know that I am married…..(chuckles).
MP: Do you go to church, and if so which church do you go to?
JC: I am a member of the Zion Christian Church, nditori mufundisi mukuru chaiye ikoko
MP: Lastly, what do you have to say about all the jokes, some of which may not be in good taste that people make of you, many of them are also viral on the Internet?
JC: Ndakatora nhaka yaVaMuzendaka nhai iwe. Don’t you know that when someone dies another has to take over? I am not offended, ndagara ndiri Chinoz wevanhu! Hauone zvakanyorwa paT-shirt apa.
MP: And do you see or receive some of the jokes like Masasi aCde Chinozi?
JC: Ehe ndinotumirwa paphone akawanda. Handina kana basa nazvo. Majokes ka.
MP: Thank you Cde Chinotimba.
JC: Ini ndinokutendaiwo

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