Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mwenezi man beat his son to death after accusing him of absconding from school

A Mwenezi man has been arrested for allegedly beating his nine-year-old son to death after accusing him of absconding school last weekend. Mike Chauke (28) of Alton Farm in Mwenezi repeatedly thrashed his son Respect Chauke, a Grade Three pupil, with amopane stick until he died.
Respect allegedly passed out several times during the beatings at the hands of his father.
Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero said they had since arrested Chauke and investigations were underway.
“We arrested a man in Mwenezi who beat his son to death with a mopane stick after accusing him of absconding from school,” Insp Zhanero told the Herald on Tuesday.
“The deceased fainted several times during the beatings, but his father continued beating him until he died.
“The suspect will appear in court soon facing charges of killing his child.”
On the fateful day Chauke allegedly arrived at his homestead at around 10pm and woke up Respect saying he wanted his son to accompany him to go and fetch some water nearby.
The pair took some containers and put them in a wheel barrow and after they had travelled for about 300 metres, Chauke started accusing the boy of repeatedly absconding from school.
Chauke then took a mopane stick and started beating his son all over the body until he fainted.
Undeterred by his son’s fainting Chauke allegedly continued to beat the boy all over the body inflicting severe body injuries in the process.
The pair returned home and retired to bed but the following morning Chauke again started beating Respect after the latter had complained that he could not walk as a result of the previous night’s thrashing.
Chauke continued to thrash Respect until he again fell unconscious.
He then realised that his son had been badly injured and allegedly tried to take him to a nearby clinic in a wheelbarrow.
However, Respect died a few minutes later before admission to the clinic.
The case was reported to the police leading to Chauke’s arrest.
Source: herald

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