Friday, September 6, 2013

Man from Mpopoma teamed up with his friend and gang-raped his own girlfriend for the whole night

A BULAWAYO man together with his friend were arrested for teaming up before they allegedly assaulted and gang-raped the man's girlfriend who they had detained the whole night.

Darlington Chakadenga (34) of Block 42/1373 Mpopoma suburb and Walter Mthungwazi (31) of House Number 5952 Luveve in Bulawayo were not asked to plead to rape and assault charges when they appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Willard Maphios Moyo.

They were remanded in custody to 19 September.

The prosecutor, Mr Kingston Mukanganwi said sometime in August, Mthungwazi met the complainant in town and he proposed love to her and she accepted.

On 2 September at about 7pm, Mthungwazi who was in the company of Chakadenga met his girlfriend. He introduced Chakadenga to his lover as his brother before the trio went to a local hotel for a beer drink. The trio was later joined by Chakadenga's girlfriend at the hotel.

The court was told that at about 9.30pm, Mthungwazi asked his girlfriend to accompany him to Chakadenga's house to spend the night together.

The woman agreed after Mthungwazi managed to convince her that they would not share the same room with Chakadenga.

The two pairs then boarded a taxi and proceeded to Chakadenga's house and on arrival the complainant discovered that the four of them would be sharing the same room.

The court was told that Chakadenga removed two blankets from his mattress and gave them to Mthungwazi so that he could sleep on the floor with the complainant.

An argument ensued between Mthungwazi and his girlfriend over the arrangement to share the room with the other couple and she stormed out of the room.

When the complainant realised that she was the only female left in the room, she sensed danger and went to the door intending to also leave the room, but she was blocked by Mthungwazi as Chakadenga locked the door, the court was told.

The two men teamed up and allegedly assaulted the woman. They then tore her skirt and forcibly removed her pants before allegedly ordering her to lie on the mattress during which they took turns to rape her the whole night.

The following morning the accused persons released the woman and she went to the police station and reported the matter leading to the arrest of Mthungwazi and Chakadenga. 

Source: Byo24News

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