Thursday, September 12, 2013

Majinga village man marries his own sister & impregnates her 3 times in 3 years

A brother and sister - born to the same woman - are living as husband and wife and are now expecting their THIRD child in Mahuwe.

26-year-old Victor Nyadzayo has taken his maternal sister, Tsitsi Makazhu (19), deep in Majinga Village in Mahuwe, for a wife and fathered two children with her. It all started as hide and seek game when their mother had gone for village drinking sprees.

Victor openly confessed that he is prepared to meet the chief's demands if brought to his attention and continue bedding his sister-cum-wife. he has been in love with his sister for the past five years, meaning he started dating his sister when she was still 14 years old. The two however, started staying together as husband and wife two years ago, and in three years Victor has impregnated his sister three times!

In the five years of their affair they have been blessed with a two year-old child, another one aged one and his sister-cum-wife is two months pregnant.

Villagers are failing to accept this bizarre incident and the two's parents left their home in protest of the incestuous relationship. Victor and Tsitsi have two different fathers but share the same mother. Their mother, Tavharisei Jimu, confirmed the development and said she left her homestead to let the two live together.

Villagers said they are living in fear of ancestral wrath for the taboo in the land.

"We are not accepting it in our society as we wake up everyday seeing such a bizarre act. Our fears are that we might not receive rains or live under a curse if the two are allowed to live as husband and wife. Victor smokes mbanje. We are expecting Chief (Matsiwo) to solve the issue as it will affect our traditional customs before the rains come," said one of the villagers.

Victor said he is going to continue living with Tsitsi as his wife and they are planning their future together.

"I have no regrets for taking my sister as my wife and we are not going back as husband and wife and as we speak she is pregnant and we are expecting a third child apart from the two boys we have together. My mother left this house to us, relocating to another place and this is it, we are living happily," boasted the incestuous man.

"Our love started five years ago when Tsitsi would come to my room to clean and we got closer to each other then started having s*x from time to time. It was discovered by our mother after she showed signs of pregnancy and we were taken to village elders where I was fined two beasts. After that I did not see any reason to leave Tsitsi and we decided to move on as husband and wife," said Victor.

Tsitsi denied the allegations that she was raped saying she consented to it as they would meet in Victor's room.

"I was not raped I am the one who would visit him tichitandanisana when mom would have gone for a beer binge. That's how we started. Victor was fined for the offence and we saw nothing wrong with moving on as husband and wife. My children never fall sick and the first born was still breastfeeding when I got pregnant with the second child, as as this one too. My mother has accepted it and we are moving on," said 19-year-old Tsisti who will soon be a mother of 3.

The couple's mother said she has no any other action to take as Victor was fined for the offence and has accepted their living together.
"I was shocked after discovering that they were involved in such a shameful act but stories are told and life has to go on. Victor's father is late and Tsitsi's father is nowhere to be found so there was nothing I could do other than to relocate to another house that's a bit far from them," she said.

Chief Matsiwo denied hearing the case of such magnitude and promised to furnish this publication with finer details after finding out from his village heads. 

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