Monday, September 30, 2013

Harare man was bashed after he was caught having Unprotected S*X (Nyoro) with a married woman whose husband was working in South Africa

The fruits of having an affair with a married woman (picture by Nehanda Radio Citizen Reporter)
The fruit(s) (on his head) of having an affair with a married woman
HARARE – Sleeping with a married woman while taking of advantage of the husband working in South Africa might sound like a clever thing to do. But not for this man in Belvedere, Harare who was caught on Saturday following a tip off.
Nehanda Radio understands this man in the picture is a senior official with the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) and has been having an affair with his subordinate, a married female ARDA worker known as Beauty.
But the state of his head, eyes and chest bears testimony to the thorough beating handed to him by the jilted husband who has since been arrested by police over the weekend and we understand he is being detained at Milton Park Police Station.
Our source who took the picture told us the small kid in the picture, whose face we have censored out, is actually believed to be the man’s child based on looks. More details on this case as we get them……
Source: Nehanda Radio

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