Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Former MDC-T secretary was sentenced to 2 months in jail for poking the eyes of President Mugabe

FORMER MDC-T organising secretary for Ward 8 in Chiredzi, Regis Kandawasvika, was last Friday convicted and sentenced to two months in jail for poking the eyes of President Robert Mugabe in his portrait picture with a pool cue at a beerhall in the town.
At the time of the sentencing, Kandawasvika had defected to Zanu PF after allegedly being promised that senior party members would assist him get off the hook.
Public prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that sometime in February this year, Kandawasvika went to Khomanani Beerhall where he took a pool cue and started poking Mugabe’s eyes on the portrait blaming him for his woes.
“I am suffering because of this old man’s rule. I have got five ‘O’ Levels, but I can’t get a job, but this is the year to get him,” Kandawasvika is alleged to have said.
He then went on to throw empty beer bottles at the portrait repeating the same words, leading to his arrest.
Magistrate Honest Musiiwa said Kandawasvika had shown no respect for the President.
Source: NewsDay

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