Friday, September 13, 2013

Crazy Video of a Commuter Omnibus driver running over a pedestrian & kicking him in the face for jaywalking (Video)

I have watched this video a couple times but I still find it so hard to believe that there are some people who are so heartless. I mean people who don't value other people's lives, people who are so selfish that they don't care about other human beings. They treat human beings like dogs even dogs don't deserve this kind of treatment.

This Taxi driver deliberately run over a pedestrian because he was jaywalking. The Taxi driver hit the pedestrian the first time with his taxi but luckily the man was not seriously injured and he managed to walk off the road. The Taxi driver drove to the sidewalk/pavement and knocked the man with his car. As if this was enough, the taxi driver got out of his car & kicked the man in his face & he knocked him out.

What surprises me most is that no one tried to help this poor man from being attacked by this crazy South African taxi driver. Some of you may be wondering what then happened to the taxi driver? Did he get arrested for this brutality???

This is what other youtube users had to say:
    • Axium86 
      This is utterly f*cking despicable. What happened to the taxi driver in the end? I can't find any news reports on the outcome of this whole story. just says he's been arrested. No follow ups NOTHING? What the f*ck.
  • Nadine Longatte 
    The saddest thing about all of this is that the case was thrown out of court, due to lack of evidence. I mean how much more evidence do you need, than a live video.
    It is absolutely sickening to think that this driver got away with assault.
     ·  in reply to Axium86

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